Monday, October 08, 2007

Whose Constitution Does President Bush Enforce?

In what can only be another bizarre move by the Bush administration whereas illegal immigration is concerned, the justice department will file a brief supporting the so-called International Court of Justice, or the World Court, in a case of a Texas death row inmate and thus vacating the death sentence.
President Bush is supporting the ICJ's interpretation of the 1963 Vienna Convention, but not really. According to the article, President Bush does not agree with the decision but will support it to protect American citizens abroad.
So, what is the decision?
That the ICJ said that convicted rapist and murderer Jose Ernesto Medellin was denied the "right" to contact the local Mexican consulate to get legal advice. The fact that the objection was not raised at trial was irrelevant to the ICJ. The fact that Mr. Medellin did give a written confession also did not matter.
Mexico decided to sue the United States in the ICJ because they do not have the death penalty and the United States does. And, Mr. Medellin is a Mexican citizen. It is not clear if Mr. Medellin was an illegal alien because he has been in the United States most of his life.
So, how brutal was the crime Mr. Medellin and his fellow gang-bangers commit?
Mr. Medellin and four others accosted Jennifer Ertman, 14 and her friend, Elizabeth Pena, 16 as they were taking a short cut home on a railroad trestle. The five cretins then gang-raped the two girls and strangled them to death and their bodies were found four days later.
Mr. Medellin was convicted and sentenced to death because the murder occurred during a sexual assault which is a capital offense in Texas.
So, amazingly, this occurred in 1993. Mr. Medellin was convicted and sentenced in 1994. And, he still languishes on Texas death row while coming up with a despicable way to avoid the state from carrying out the will of the people-his execution.
The United States Supreme Court will take up this case and we know there are several justices who like "International law" and convention over the United States constitution. Justice Stephen Breyer comes quickly to mind.
Hopefully, there will be five sane minds that tells the Bush administration and the ICJ that American law is supreme and what a state decides on these matters is even more supreme.
Now, the president wants to pull out and no longer enforce this aspect of the 1963 Vienna convention treaty. But, not before it tries to commute a legitimate sentence by a jury of his peers in the state of Texas.
It appears that once again, President Bush and the open-borders crowd are willing to cave in rather than side with the United States constitution which is the law of this land, not some globaloney from the Hague.
There has to be a Republican presidential candidate to stand up and say this is an abomination and they would never side with the ICJ on this kind of issue. There is a chance when Republican presidential candidates debate tomorrow evening.
President Bush needs to recognize that this goes against all conservative principles of devolution of powers and is kowtowing to a corrupt nation, Mexico, that cares not a wit about "human rights" but does care about dumping more of its citizens into the United States illegally. Hopefully, the United States Supreme Court will decide that for him correctly.

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bush's stance on this has me befuddled as well 64.