Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ahead Of The Curve Once Again

I will now, in your mind, pat myself on the back for once again being ahead of the curve on another issue.
The issue was a recent episode of the CBS "crime drama" "Cold Case" in which a group of Christian youth gang up on a high school girl that turns out to be the school slut. And they punish her by, I kid you not, stoning her to death. And to boot, the youths are quoting from the Holy Bible as they slam a rock on the poor girl's head.
I refer you to the post "Television Channelling Democrat Talking Points" from October 3, 2007 for more.
But, in an article in the New York Post http://nypost.com/seven/10222007/tv/right_slams_cold_case.htm yesterday, a group called the Culture And Media Institute http://cultureandmediainstitute.org joined the chorus in slamming this particular episode of the "crime drama" for a very disparaging view of practicing Christians and their views on premarital sex.
Of course, the episode showed that all the youths were not what they claimed to be. All were portrayed as having sex and for good measure, one is even gay.
The point is this. When shows use a genre such as a crime drama to push a political and social agenda, they are no longer entertaining but spewing propaganda.
I am of the nature that when I want to go to a movie and or watch a television show, I want to be entertained, not lectured to . I do not care from what side of the political spectrum it comes from.
And a show such as "Cold Case" stops the entertaining and begins to apply early 21st century pop psychology to old cases, it becomes a caricature of itself.
I admit that I probably watch way too much television but sometimes, as in the case of "Cold Case" it helps to know what the socialists are thinking and projecting. And to be ahead of the curve once again.

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