Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thompson Slams Rudy-And So Does Rudy To Himself

I feel like the broken clock that is right at least twice a day on the issue of whether former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is a real Republican.
But fellow Republican candidate, former senator Fred Thompson, said what I have been saying all along. I almost feel like I should get credit for Mr. Thompson using very similar language I have said about the fact that Mr. Giuliani had the nerve to support then Democrat gasbag governor Mario Cuomo in the Republican tidal wave of 1994. Well, Mr. Thompson jumped on that recently in speeches this week. Mr. Thompson also pointed out that when Republican George Pataki did win the New York state governorship, Mr. Giuliani opposed Mr. Pataki's tax cuts.
Ah, but Rudy himself seems to be very confused.
Today, thanks to Laura Ingraham we got to hear from then Mayor Rudy himself.
I ran for mayor as a Republican, although I am not a very partisan one. I also ran on Liberal Party ticket, which might be confusing.
That was Mr. Giuliani in an interview with Charlie Rose.
So, this seeming savior for the Republican party thinks that the way to Mecca is through the New York Liberal Party?
And thus, one of the many problems of Rudy Giuliani as he tries to win the Republican nomination for president.
At least when Ronald Reagan left the Democrat party, he left their craziness behind in total. But, because Mr. Reagan was once a Democrat, he was able to communicate the ideas that many who still thought they were Democrats and win converts. It was not because Mr. Reagan wanted to be all things to all people.
And, for Mr. Thompson, it is something to point out and continue to attack Mr. Giuliani.
The problem for Mr. Giuliani is that he has not said that he is a conservative and thus supportive of basic conservative ideas of smaller government, morality and a strong military and national defense.
That is why Mr. Giuliani can not break out of the 20s for support among likely Republican primary/caucus voters.
But, no one else can seal the deal at this point.
With Iowa moving the caucus to January 3, 2008 (why not Christmas Eve!), someone has to break out and fast. Whoever wins Iowa will have a huge momentum going into the New Hampshire and Michigan primaries. And that will more than likely be the Republican nominee.
February 5.
That will not be the way this is done.
Having noted the obvious, it is time for the leaders not just to slam their perceived opponents but to articulate what they would do.
And that is, while I appreciate Mr. Thompson noting serious defects in Mr. Giuliani's Republican credentials, Mr. Thompson and the rest of the field need to tell Republicans what they are for. Just pointing out the obvious, while tantalizing in the hand to hand combat of the primary campaign, is not going to win primaries and defiantly not the general election.
Having someone who has the partisan baggage of questionable party loyalty is not going to gin up the base and that is the danger of a Giuliani candidacy.
It is good when someone finally points out the obvious and will not back down. Thank you Fred Thompson.

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