Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glenn Beck, A Conservative Moron

Radio talker Glenn Beck is in hot water and rightfully so for comments he made on his radio show yesterday about the awful fires gripping Southern California.
Mr. Beck said that it was A-OK that some homes were burning, assumed, because they were anti-American types living in Malibu, California. No doubt, it is an area where the rich and Hollywood types live. There is also Pepperdine University and Serra Retreat Center. Yes, some actors homes were threatened. Some that the DDBMSM said were threatened were the homes of Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammer. They are both considered conservatives. And, for Mr. Beck, is the fire looking for the liberal, anti-Americans home to burn? I do not think so.
Regrettably, this fact came from the left-wing media group Media Matters, but when they are right, I will give them credit for exposing ill-timed and offensive rantings by one of our own.
The exact quote is this:
I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their home in a forest fire today. There are a few people who hate America. But I don't think the Democrats are those. I think there are those posing as Democrats that are like that.
There is not a lot to disagree with on the surface. But, Mr. Beck blows his whole comment by saying some of these anti-Americans are losing their homes in a forest fire.
Fires, and these are just garden variety fires for some have merged creating a perfect storm of raging fire, do not discriminate. A lot of very pro-American people have lost everything material near and dear to them such as photos, family heirlooms and the like. What is fortunate is that so far there has only been one death.
We on the conservative side have called out left-wing hate peddlers such as any given host on the Air America network and they have deserved it. Last week, when one of their hosts fell down on a walk in an apparent drunken stupor, that would be Randi Rhodes, another host tried to make it that she was attacked by the "right wing hate machine." The real story is much more sad than that.
So, I am calling out Glenn Beck and calling for him to apologize for out of line comments.
We can not have any credibility if we are not willing to police our own.

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Pat Jenkins said...

by the way 64 all is well with you and yours i assume? i am going to have to disagree with you here. his only fault in my humble opinion was he may have been in the wrong to "claim" those who live in an area hate america. and even with that he sympathizes with their plight.