Friday, October 12, 2007

Jonah Knows Best

I urge all readers of this blog to go to National Review Online and read Jonah Goldberg's piece on Ronald Reagan.
It is what many people on the center right say including Laura Ingraham and myself.
Ronald Reagan was unique to his time. The right man at the right time. The conservatism that he espoused was right at the time.
Today, the issues are different and the fight for our survival is different. Some, like taxes and the proper role of government never go away. But, what can be learned from Ronald Reagan is the resolve and willingness to adjust the methods, but never waver from the message and the result.
One thing is clear. Conservatism is not just about saying no to change. It is to effect change that takes what is best from the past and adjust it to today. For instance, raising taxes does not make an economy better. Breaking up the traditional family, mom and dad and kids, does not make for a better society. There are many other examples.
So, we have to look at those who are running as a conservative Republican, look at their record and make an educated decision on who best to lead the Republican party to victory in 2008.
And, you know where I stand.
Mitt Romney has a chance to become a conservative hero and I believe that he will rise to the challenge.

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