Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fortney Apoligizes-Then Cries

California congressman Fortney Stark, Democrat, caved into pressure put to him by Republican lawmakers and apologized for nasty, beyond the pale, comments about the upholding President Bush's veto of the SCHIP bill, Iraq, and the troops. Then, according to Fox News http://FoxNews.com, Fortney went to the Democrat side of the House and sobbed for roughly five minutes.
All I can say is what a wuss!
Just last week in defiant tones, Fortney said the following:
I do not respect the commander-in-chief who keeps the troops in harm's way nor the chicken hawks in Congress.
This was after Fortney said that President Bush likes seeing American soldiers get their heads blown off for his pleasure. And that led to the firestorm of controversy.
There is no question that we live in uncivil times and that it is so bad it goes onto the floor of the House of Representatives. But, that is no excuse to make such ridiculous statements that are not so much harmful to the president for he is a big boy and can take anything thrown his way. But, it is offensive to the very troops that Fortney claims he supports.
I am glad that Fortney realized that he went over the line and did apologize. But to cry about it? Was Fortney upset that he was criticized by conservatives who called him out on such a stupid, hurtful comment? No one knows.
But, Fortney learned a lesson.
Fortney learned that one can not say what ever they want and be immunized and that what is said does not matter.
As noted, if it was reversed and a Democrat president was as harshly criticized by a Republican, you could not get me to a keyboard fast enough to slam the Republican. No one should say what was said.
In this MoveOn.org mentality, our elected representatives need to cool their jets and think about what they say. Both sides. There is a difference what I write on this blog and what an elected official says and or writes. An elected official represents more than his or her political party.
I am not saying that there should not be a discourse, just that it can and should be thoughtful, not a 20 or 30 second sound bite.
That is what this all comes down to. Stop with the 30 second sound bites and think about what is said.
Let us keep the pressure on politicians to stop with this gutter politics and start working on the issues.
If congress wants to get out of the 11% approval funk, they can start by shutting up and working together to get some good legislation through.
Or they can sob, like Fortney.

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