Monday, October 22, 2007


Regrettably, I have been totally wrong about who would be in the 2007 World Series.
But, I have one more chance to make it right now that the teams have finally been decided.
Last night, the dreaded Boston Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians to become the American League champs and will take on the Colorado Rockies.
Who? The Rockies? Where the heck did they come from?
Out of nowhere and that is what makes it really possible that the National League, the real major league, will finally win a World Series.
The Rockies have no names to speak of, but a lot of grit, determination and most importantly, they got hot when it counted and hence, they are in the World Series.
So, I will boldly predict that the Colorado Rockies will defeat the Boston Red Sox, four games to two.
And, the drought will be over as the Senior circuit will finally redeem itself.
On another sports subject, I can not explain the UCLA Bruins.
One week, they look like garbage against the worst Notre Dame team in most of our lifetimes. You would have thought that Knute Rockne was dug up and played that game.
The Bruins also looked like crap against Utah earlier this season.
So, who would show up against the number 10 or 12 California Golden Bears?
Why, of course the team they really are capable of being and they smacked the Bears all the way back to Berkley.
Now, if they can actually win between now and when they play USC at the end of the season, now that is gonna be one barn burner!

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Pat Jenkins said...

i am as bad as you at predictions but i fear the worst for the rocks. eight day layoff means their streak or momemtum has more than cooled. bosox in a sweep is what i will go with. well as you know your cubs go to pulman to play the cougs. a game they should win which means they will lose. ha ha!!!!