Sunday, October 28, 2007

And The Red Sox Win The World Series. . . UGH!

OK, I know. I did not call the 2007 baseball playoffs too well. And tonight, the Boston Red Sox put a last nail in the coffin of predictions that I made throughout this run.
At the beginning of this baseball season, I somewhat predicted that the Los Angeles Dodgers would make the World Series, possibly playing the New York Yankees or the Anaheim Angels*. Boy, was I wrong on that count!
When the playoffs did finally arrive and the Angels were in, I was on that bandwagon. Too bad that bandwagon drove off the cliff without a single playoff win, being swept by, TA DA, the Boston Red Sox. Then the Cleveland Indians won their series and I jumped on that bandwagon. At least they made it a series but in typical Indians fashion, they blew a three games to one lead against, you guessed it, the dreaded Boston Red Sox.
I just could not believe how the National League playoffs went. Who would have thought at the beginning of this season that the Arizona Diamondbacks would be playing the Colorado Rockies for the right to be the National League team in the World Series? Well, you could have said I had the joys of adult beverage if I told you that in April. And the Rockies, who are the Rockies? How did they get into the World Series? Smoke and mirrors?!
Well, there you are. The Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox in the 2007 World Series.
I suppose in retrospect, it was too much to ask for the Rocks to slay the dragon that is the Boston Red Sox, but hope springs eternal, right? For the Rocks, it sprung a deluge they could never recover from and were swept four games to zero and the Red Sox can raise the banner again at Fenway Park at the beginning of the 2008 baseball season.
And at the beginning of the 2008 season, 30 teams will think they will be in the World Series and then reality will set in. Just ask the Colorado Rockies.


WomanHonorThyself said...

awwwwwwwwwww too bad the Mets fell apart and the Yankees..well theres always next season..LOL

Pat Jenkins said...

a new "americas team" has been born? red sox nation will take on a new meaning.....

Pat Jenkins said...

ohh i almost forget. you have your brownies for comfort. kind of turned their season around with anderson. and i see in the la times the howls are coming for dorrells ouster after sat. debacle. so it ain't all bad!!!!!!