Thursday, October 25, 2007

Say It Is Not So?!

It appears that the University of North Dakota is succumbing to the most insidious political correct move and dropping the sports teams Fighting Sioux nickname
For a long time, UND was telling anyone who would listen that they would not bend under any circumstances.
But the evil NCAA has put the pressure on the UND administration and unless the university can get the support of the area's Sioux tribes within three years, say goodbye to the Fighting Sioux's.
In the silliness of this push by the politically correct NCAA, the UND will be able to use the Fighting Sioux name if any of the teams make the NCAA playoffs. And, to make matters most confusing, it will be a no-no to have the logo at the local sports arena, the Ralph Engelstad Arena. But, if the logo is "permanent", such as those in granite, that will be allowed to stay.
Because of a few rabble-rousing American Indian groups, the NCAA has been on a purge of any university or college sports nickname that has any Indian theme, even if it is not "offensive".
The Florida State Seminoles faced the same ultimatum and was able to garner enough support from the local Seminole tribes that they get to keep the Seminole name. No word as to whether the thousands of fans that engage in the "Tomahawk Chop" especially during football games will be hauled off and prosecuted.
Several large newspapers in the United States no longer use any sports team nicknames in the line scores because they do not want to offend the American Indians. Two of the most notorious newspapers are the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the Portland Oregonian. Never mind that these names have been around for a looonnnggg time. These arbiters of "good taste" say rather than possibly offending a certain group, they will just put the city name in the line score. I wonder if Vikings or Twins or Timberwolves or Wild are offended in Minnesota. Or how about Trail Blazers or Beavers in Portland?
While the NCAA is making sure that the American Indians are not offended, how about making sure that "amateur" athletes are properly compensated instead of colleges and universities having to skirt regulations and making innocent athletes out to be common criminals?
Hopefully, the Fighting Sioux will be able to talk reasonably and sensibly with the local Sioux tribes and be able to keep and honorable nickname that is well known in college sports, particularly ice hockey.
But, no thanks to a gutless NCAA, the Fighting Sioux may have to become the Igloos.
Oops! The Eskimos may get upset and what will the NCAA do then?


Pat Jenkins said...
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Pat Jenkins said...

i think this is more of the NCAA wanting not to offend more than the tribes. most of these indians rally to the schools cause. i look for this to happen here. so you think college athletes should get paid? we may have to have this conversation in more detail some day. i say no way!!!