Thursday, October 04, 2007

Finally, A War The Left Likes. . .Against Rush Limbaugh!

It is amazing and surreal that the hard-core Democrat, socialist left finally found a war that they can fully support and be in front of. No, it is not a shooting war. No, it is not a naval blockade or anything of that nature. The war that the socialists are in the middle of is the war against Rush Limbaugh and in general against conservative talk radio.
Since the socialist left has been called out and can not defend the odious slanderous advertisement against Gen. David Petraeus, they have been looking to slam the conservative side any way they can.
They tried to slam television and radio talker Bill O'Reily over comments he made about Harlem. That did not work because they could not make it stick.
So, last week, Rush Limbaugh was talking to a caller about "soldiers" who supposedly go to Iraq and report major atrocities supposedly committed by United States military personal.
Let us not forget Congressman John Murtha convicting in public a group of marines who were accused of massacring civilians in Haditha. Then there is The New Republic blogger, Scott Beauchamp, who supposedly witnessed some atrocities in Iraq. But, our friend Mr. Beauchamp, never saw Iraq. The worst atrocity happened in Kuwait.
Mr. Limbaugh and a caller were discussing the case of Jesse MacBeth who served a grand total of 44 days in boot camp and he could not hang and was discharged. But, somehow Mr. MacBeth claimed he was in Iraq and saw all kinds of atrocities committed by American troops. Well, since Mr. MacBeth could not even get out of boot camp, unless he was a civilian, he never made it out of the United States. So, the caller was referring to Mr. MacBeth as a phony soldier and Mr. Limbaugh used it as a plural, phony soldiers. Since there have been some of this nature, there is nothing wrong with an accurate description of those who claim one thing only to be called on the carpet and eventually have to retract the bulk of their lies.
Out of this, the Clinton front group Media Matters, led by former right wing hatchet-man David Brock, claimed that Mr. Limbaugh made a blanket statement about United States soldiers in general and specifically against those who have spoken out against the war in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror.
And, it has gained traction.
A lot of Democrat politicians, led by that paragon of virtue, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev), the senate majority leader, have taken to the floor of congress and condemned the Limbaugh comments. Sen. Reid is even pushing a senate resolution condemning the accurate Limbaugh comments. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-Ga) is offering the opposite in the house. A resolution of support for Mr. Limbaugh.
What a great use of time for a congress that has a rip-roaring 11% approval rating!
And if that is not enough, gasbags like Keith Olberman, Bill Maher, and that ilk are jumping into the act, offering their opinions, which like Sen. Reid and those in congress who have wasted their time on this, are mindless.
The fact is that this is a battle for the socialists to make into law the so-called "Fairness Doctrine." If the socialists were to get their way, over the air conservative talk radio would be out of business.
The "Fairness Doctrine" was an archaic regulation in the days which there was only radio and television that was to insure that all views on a current event issue were portrayed on over the air broadcast outlets. Thus, few if any stations really aired both sides. Sure there were "public affairs" broadcasts. But they were very saccharine compared to when then President Reagan let the regulation die a timely death in 1987, with cable in full swing and satellite television in its infancy only to take off in the late 1990s.
For the socialists, the war is to shut down vocal opposition to their all encompassing efforts to build on centralized government provided health care, "Affirmative action", appointing judges that do not respect the United States constitution as much as "International law", ending traditional marriage, making more and more Americans dependent on the government for their well being.
Attacking those who are bulwarks against this power play, such as Mr. O'Reily, Mr. Limbaugh, Michael Medved, who Mr. Olberman accused of defending slavery, is just but a battle in this war.
So far, they are losing these skirmishes.
Sure, they got a piece of scalp when Media Matters got Don Imus off the air for dopey comments about the Rutgers University women's basketball team. And, I am sure they thought that going hog wild after Mr. O'Reily, Mr. Limbaugh and any one else who stands in their way would work.
But, Mr. Limbaugh has nothing to apologize for. Nor does Mr. O'Reily. Neither does Mr. Medved.
They are simply either providing commentary or reporting on issues of the day. And the fact is, the opponents can not argue on the merits. So, the socialists distort it and try as hard as they could to make it stick. With Mr. Imus, he walked into their trap and he is now out of work. The rest just mentioned have not walked in but fought back.
The fascinating aspect of all of this is that the Democrat, socialist left has found a war they like. They do not have to put on a uniform. They do not have to salute a flag or take an oath that swears allegiance to this nation. And, there are no bullets or bombs. The kind of war the left likes. Character assassination.


Pat Jenkins said...
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Pat Jenkins said...

great last paragraph 64. this fight, even though these trumped up charges agianst rush or o'reily may die done will not slow down the assaults. these attack "groups" are out of control. how about your browns by the way. after all your talk about ucla putting it to the irish it is time to put up or shut up!! hee hee!!

Pat Jenkins said...

64. the bruins are going to have to shut up!!!