Sunday, January 01, 2012

Is George Will Kidding?

You know that someone has been inside the Washington beltway too long when you get a column like this from George Will.Really?
We conservative Republicans should just aim for control of congress?
And yeah, so what that the United States is an exporter of petroleum?
Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!
The problem with Mr. Will is that if one party does control the executive and legislative branches, then similar policies will be voted on and implemented.
In this piece, Mr. Will essentially makes the case for divided government.
Yet some examples that Mr. Will does not point out is an under reported one.
The federal judiciary.
If we have, God forbid, another four years of the Dear Leader, President Obama and a Republican congress, will he suddenly appoint conservative Republicans to the benches? Not on your life, buddy. The Dear Leader, President Obama, will still appoint liberal judges. And they will demonize a Republican senate for either not voting for them or using time-honored senate procedures to block said nominations.
Really, we are talking the moderately, and I do mean moderately, conservative supreme court. Imagine that in divided government, Mr. Will. And to refresh your memory, it is a divided government that gave us, ta da! Anthony Kennedy.
And what about the slew of Executive Orders that this president would do to circumvent a Republican congress? And don't kid yourself. The Dear Leader, President Obama, is hellbent and determined to get his agenda through no matter what. And he will do anything to get there. So, divided government=Executive Orders.
Mr. Will ends his tome with some snark about the election not bringing some kind of apocalypse.
No, it won't usher in the apocalypse, but if we conservative Republicans do not win both the legislative and executive branches, policies will still emanate from the White House either way. And they can be good, conservative ones. Or bad, liberal ones.
But to dismiss a potential reelection by the Dear Leader, President Obama by a conservative no less shows that this one, George Will, has no idea about what is going on outside the Washington Beltway. After all, even though I got the link from The Boston Herald, he does write his column for the Washington Post.

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