Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will The Tebow Haters Celebrate Tonight?

OK, everyone who hates Denver Bronco' quarterback Tim Tebow, now you can celebrate that he lost this playoff game to the New England Patriots, 45-10.
Is that what they should be doing?
Well, if you actually like the Pats and think that they are the better team, sure you should be happy and celebrate the victory.
But, if you are on the Pat bandwagon just to rub it in to Mr. Tebow and to mock his genuine faith, then there is something fundamentally wrong with you.
I can just hear that hate-filled Bill Maher make some kind of crass comment. You know that he has already as I noted here.And some players will mock Mr. Tebow for showing his thanks to God in the end zone after the Broncos score touchdowns. Yup! Damn that Tebowing.
No question in the quarterback battle.
The Patriots' Tom Brady had a better game. Tim Tebow did not have a good game. The box score is always the best indicator of the stats. And in this case, the stats don't lie.
But let me be clear.
Football is a team sport. Yes, the quarterback is the offensive leader. He is the one that makes the plays. But without a good supporting cast, no quarterback no matter how good he is, can do it all himself.
I hope that those that hate Mr. Tebow if nothing because of his honest Christian faith will look at themselves. Why would you hate someone like Mr. Tebow because of his faith? Does that not say something about you?
Tebow Haters, think about that.
Now, I can write that once again, the Pack is back and the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl. After all, it is one of my predictions for this year!

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