Thursday, January 05, 2012

Would Meghan McCain Slash Her Wrists If I Endorsed Rick Santorum?!

Oh Lordie, Lordie! The brain surgeon better known as the daughter of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, Meghan McCain, came up with this gem while discussing her daddie's endorsement of Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination.
She said that if her daddy would have endorsed the former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, she would have slashed her wrists had he done that. If daddy would have endorsed "the moron", Mr. Santorum.
So, Meghan, if I endorse Rick Santorum, would you slash your wrists? Not on the table with Larry O'Donnell but anywhere, anytime?
See, too many people actually believe that Miss McCain represents Republicanism. And some even think that Miss McCain is a. . .wait for it. . .a a a. . .conservative.
Please stop laughing and read on.
Look, Sen. "F--- You" McCain was endorsed by Mr. Romney literally the minute that he dropped out of the 2008 presidential race. So to me it is no surprise that Sen. "F--- You" McCain is endorsing Mr. Romney.
But really, does anyone give a flying fig what this dilettante really thinks about anything?
Yet for some reason, I guess because her last name is McCain, the good folks at MSNBC think that she must be the best kind of a Republican.
That would be a loser.
Just like the old man.
But watch the link. See how Mr. O'Donnell is goading Miss McCain to taking the cheap shot that she did against Mr. Santorum.
Calling him a moron? Really? Is that the best that you can do Miss McCain?
So yeah, I will make the endorsement of Mr. Santorum if you slash your wrists.
And also, please shut your grill. Leave serious analysis to people that actually pay attention to politics.

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