Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Perry Going For The Anti-Catholic Vote?

I have written many times that I do not get the Rick Perry candidacy for the Republican presidential nod.
I mean, he has been a great governor of Texas. Policies that he has enacted has led to the state being one of the few to add jobs in this Endless Recession.
But now I am finding out that I kind of sort of loathe Gov. Perry.
And if this from Brian Bolduc over at National Review is right, it appears that a desperate Rick Perry is denigrating former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.
Oh, it is not a new one.
But and oldie yet moldie.
It appears that Gov. Perry not once but twice in a speech emphasized that Mr. Santorum was one of them there Cathyliks.
And I write that as a staunch Protestant Christian.
When I was baptised, it was in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. No allegiance to the Pope or the church of Rome. Sure, I do the sign of the cross. But as a Christian, affirming the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And in reciting the Nicene Creed, I will not say one pesky little word.
So, here is that part of the Creed:

We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

Nope, won't say it. I just skip over it. And before you explain to me it is not in reference to the Roman Catholic Church, does not matter.
So, I am here to denounce Gov. Perry and his clear slander about Mr. Santorum and his being a faithful Christian. A Roman Catholic Christian.
Although I still try to be a good Episcopalian, some days by the skin of my teeth, in many ways am much more inclined to accept Catholic teaching on abortion, same-sex marriage and being freely able to practice one's faith. That does not mean I am thinking of switching Christian denominations. It is just my reality.
But what makes me like Mr. Santorum is that he freely speaks of the meaning of his faith in his life. And does not denigrate others as Gov. Perry seemingly, in code, has done.
I guess Gov. Perry figures "Hey, I'm gonna lose anyway! Why not go out in a blaze of glory?! Huyuck, yuck, yuck!!!"
Is this what the GOP nomination contest has lowered itself to? Worrying about whether another candidate is a Roman Catholic or not? Bashing Mormons?
I should hope not.
Right now, if I had to vote in South Carolina, I would vote for Mr. Santorum. I think that he is the real deal. But hey, I could change that. I don't need some hayseed Texas governor not wanting to deal with issues, but throwing out the code word.
C a t h o l i c.
Really? In 2012 America.
Let's hope that South Carolina proves Gov. Perry wrong and gives a big boost to the Santorum campaign by voting for him on Saturday. Not against the others.
And hopefully, vote for Mr. Santorum because you agree with him on the issues.
Oh and for Gov. Perry, I have one for you.
You know who else in the race is one of them there Cathyliks?
His first name starts with an N and ends with a T.
Are you gonna remind voters that he is a good Catholic too as you misrepresent his record.
Just askin!

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