Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Romney Wins Iowa Caucus By EIGHT Votes!

In an amazing night in Iowa, it turns out that Mitt Romney DID defeat the former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum by a total of E I G H T votes.
According to The Des Moines Register, Mr. Romney did pull off the victory in the end.
But it is a Pyrrhic victory and does show serious signs that Mr. Romney needs to do a lot better if he is not only to win the Republican nomination but defeat the Dear Leader, President Obama.
If one looks at this Iowa map, Mr. Romney won in Des Moines and surrounding areas. In the Western part of Iowa, another larger city win was in Woodbury county, home of Sioux City, Mr. Romney won there as well. Basically, Mr. Romney won in the larger cities and Mr. Santorum everywhere else.
While Mr. Romney did win, he can not and should not ignore Mr. Santorum. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Santorum was wallowing in single-digits in most polls. It showed that his hard work, tenacity and retail politics ended up connecting well with many Iowa Republicans.
Now that votes have actually took place, it appears that Republicans are narrowing the field down. And not what many expected. No doubt that this report about Texas Gov. Rick Perry heading back to the home state to "reassess" his campaign. Re: its over. And while Congressman Michele Bachmann is putting on the game face and moving on, she has to decided whether or not she wants to return to congress or continue a quixotic campaign. Newt Gingrich may be able to get to South Carolina. But unless he shows decent in New Hampshire, it is hard to see where he is able to break through.
While Mr. Romney may have won a very razor-thin victory in Iowa, Mr. Santorum truly won by his second place finish. And Mr. Santorum may now be the one to keep Mr. Romney from a coronation for the Republican presidential nomination.

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