Sunday, October 24, 2010

Texas Rangers Will Defeat The San Francisco Giants In The World Series

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Philadelphia Phillies last night in the National League Championship series, 3-2 and are in the 2010 World Series against the American League champs, the Texas Rangers.
Some people will take some political meaning of this match up.
You know, Red state Rangers from Texas vs. Blue state Giants from San Francisco.
Well, let those people have their political argument about this match up.
My reason that the Rangers will defeat the Giants is two fold.
One, I believe that the Rangers are the better team than the Giants. They have the best players in each position and better pitching.
The second, most important reason is simple.
Yes, it is visceral hatred for the Orangemen from the dreaded No Cal.
You see, I am a tried and true, blue-bleeding Los Angeles Dodger fan.
My father, may God rest his soul, was from Brooklyn. For many years, they were still the Brooklyn Dodgers. Even as they became established here in California. It was just that way.
And I have carried on the tradition of loving the Dodgers. In many ways, the Los Angeles Dodgers are not all that different from the Brooklyn Dodgers.
The Los Angeles Dodgers, more often than not, break our hearts. Much the same happened in Brooklyn.
But, they are my team. And part of being a Dodger fan is to live to hate the dreaded Giants.
Don't care if they are in New York, San Francisco, Kabul or the moon. They are to be hated.
Even though Bobby Thomson is off to the glory, he can never be forgiven for the home run against the Dodgers in 1951 in which sent the Giants to the World Series that year.
Also, one thing that many a baseball fan forget is that the great Jackie Robinson decided to end his baseball career rather than play for the Giants, the team he was traded to by the Dodgers.
But let us come to the present.
Yes, the Giants are in the World Series. To acronym our Vice-President, Joe the Brain Biden, BFD.
The Rangers have never gotten this far before.
The Rangers once played in the worst stadiums in major league baseball, old Arlington Stadium. It was an old minor-league ballpark and additional seats slapped all over the place to increase the capacity.
Then came new ownership in the late 1980s led by George W. Bush and took this team from doldrums to competitiveness. From old Arlington Stadium to the Ballpark At Arlington. And set the stage for where they are today.
Consider that subsequent ownership nearly bankrupted the team. Yet in the middle of a pennant race, it sold to a group led by pitching great Nolan Ryan for $575,000,000. In the middle of the worst economic conditions since World War II.
And the field leader of this team, Ron Washington, is a story all to himself.
After testing positive for cocaine in 2009, he went public with it. He was not fired. Instead, he was given a second chance. And he has made the most of it.
Mr. Washington's story is similar to another one of the Rangers players, Josh Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton's story is even worse than Mr. Washington as he was in a car accident with his parents. His parents recovered. But it sent Mr. Hamilton into a tailspin of drug and alcohol abuse.
This Ranger team is a lot like another team of destiny.
That would be the 2002 Anaheim Angels, who by coinkidink beat the dreaded Giants in that World Series.
My fearless prediction is that the Texas Rangers will defeat the San Francisco Giants, four games to two.
And that is eternal justice for a Dodger fan!

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