Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Conservatives And Republicans, Don't Forget About The Local Races In 2010

While it is the utmost importance to stop the agenda of the Dear Leader, President Obama, by electing a Republican congress, we conservatives and Republicans can not forget the races in our back yard.
Most states will be electing members of their state legislatures whether they are in the lower house or the senate. And many will be electing governors, constitutional officers, members of the judiciary and offer their yeas or nays on many a state referendums.
I want to focus on California.
Here where I live I am represented in the state assembly (lower house) by a Democrat. Surprise! He is one Anthony Portantino. He is a typical California Democrat. A big taxer, spender and in the hip pocket of the state labor unions. He would appear to be in a safe, gerrymandered district.
But this election season, nothing for the Democrats can be all that safe.
A young man is taking the challenge to Mr Portantino head on.
He is Republican Alvaro Day.
Yes, he is very young. And full of energy. And is one that is living the American dream like no other.
Mr. Day came with his mother from war-torn Peru when he was 11 years old. He could not speak English and yet managed to do so with ease. His mother was a divorcee and met Mr. Day's stepfather who taught him the values that make the United States the greatest nation in the world. And with that Mr. Day went to Pasadena City College, completed his general education in nine months. Nine months! It usually takes two years. Then he went on to UCLA and graduated with a double major in political science and history. And all by the time he was 20 years old.
On the issues that directly affect California, Mr. Day is spot on.
Mr. Day supports Prop 23, which will delay implementing of the Global Warming act, AB 32. It is essentially Cap and Tax at the state level. And this will not kill AB 32, just delay it and fine tune it.
Mr. Day also supports Prop 22 which finally stops the state government from raiding cities and counties to cover the endless budget deficits we now have as far as the eye can see.
Mr. Day wants the state to go on a fiscal diet. To live within our means. And while difficult it can be done.
Mr. Day wants across-the-board tax cuts for all Californians. Amen to that, my brother! This state has an income tax, sales tax, property taxes, fees up the wazoo and yet we are broke. And the state wants more. It will not get more unless people are working. Real jobs. Not phony baloney "green" jobs. If people are working, they can pay the taxes. A simple fact that never seems to fall well into the mind of the tax-and-spenders in Sacramento.
Two other somewhat controversial ideas Mr. Day has also are good ones.
One is teaching, OMG!-values in our schools! Mr. Day believes in teaching discipline, personal responsibility, mutual respect, and love of country.
Huzzah! Huzzah!
We need a lot of that in our schools. Especially personal responsibility. Too often, our children are taught by an array of people that mistakes they make are not necessarily their fault. They end up in the world thinking that the world owes them something. That they do not have to work hard for it.
And last is continuing to privatize our state prisons.
It is no secret that California has a high prison population. Yet the state is paying on average $49,000 to house inmates in state prisons. Imagine if a private concern would be running these prisons? It could save the state billions of dollars annually.
At least Mr. Day has some ideas.
Go over to the issues on Mr. Portantino's campaign website and it is standard Democrat boiler plate issues. I especially like the "advocate for social justice". He does not address any of the issues that Mr. Day brings up.
And this is really important.
Much is made that the youts, young people, just will go with what is in. What's cool. What's hot and happening. That they will back Democrats and their agenda overwhelmingly.
I think that young people like Alvaro Day put that canard out to pasture.
We need to remember these local races in the upcoming election. And if you are in the California 44th Assembly district, vote for Alvaro Day to send Anthony Portantino into retirement.

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Anonymous said...

You want to see a real local California joke just look at the races in San Francisco. Everyone is a progressive-radical and the "choice" is among what is essentially, a one-party dictate.

The liberty killing, tax and spend and union giveaway local propositions are another joke to behold.

This is what the rest of the US can expect to look like in another few years of progressive control of the three branches in DC.

San Francisco gives a good preview of things to come.

Better believe the district will be nearly 100% behind Jerry Brown too, even if they have to take dissenting votes and throw them in the bay, as has happened not so long ago in San Francisco history.

At least San Francisco's ACORN DA who gives wrist-slaps and requires "education classes" be mandated sentencing for illegal non-US citizens caught red-handed committing felonies will be running and probably win Jerry Brown's old state prosecutor's job once Jerry gets bumped up to governorship.

Those Democrats, like Pelosi, they say "good things" - it's like voting for Jesus you know - "everyone says so" and "everyone's doing it".