Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Official Right View From The Left Coast California Endorsements-Candidate Edition

I know that polls look not so great for Republicans in the governor's race and a little better in the senate race here in California.
But, that does not stop your humble blogger from making the official Right View From The Left Coast endorsements in the major races in California.
So, away I go!


Meg Whitman (R)

Lt Governor

No endorsement

Secretary of State

Damon Dunn (R)


Tom Strickland (R)


No endorsement

Attorney General

Steve Cooley (R)

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Villines (R)

State Board of Equalization (Tax Board)

Shawn Hoffman (American Independent)

State Assembly 44th District

Alvaro Day (R)


United States Senate

Carly Fiorina (R)

United States Congress

John Colbert (R)

Now one may be surprised that I chose to not make an endorsement in a couple of races and even backing a member of the soon to be no more American Independent party.
Well, read on to explain why I choose who I do for what office.
For governor, I have to vote for Meg Whitman-don't blame me, I voted for Steve Poizner! As much as I believe that Mrs. Whitman could have run a better campaign and I have a bit of doubt as to whether or not she will turn into another Benedict Arnold, the real rationale is that she is NOT Jerry Brown.
I know, it is a lousy reason to vote for someone.
But another term of Mr. Brown is going to probably bankrupt this state. There is no doubt in my mind that this is Mr. Brown's attempt to eventually find a way to gut Prop 13, the measure that saved thousands if not millions of California homeowners from being taxed out of their homes. And raise a lot of other taxes. After all, Mr. Brown is a Democrat and has been on a government payroll in one way or another for over 40 years. Mrs. Whitman has been leading and building up companies a lot of that time. To me, on that alone the choice is clear. But, I wished that Mrs. Whitman defined Mr. Brown the way that she did to Steve Poizner. We shall see on Tuesday night.
In the race for Lt. Governor, I can not endorse the political whore-yes I am writing it because it is true-Republican and current LG, Abel Maldonado. Mr. Maldonado got the big payoff for supporting Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempted tax hikes. When the former Lt. Governor, John Garamendi, won his run for a Bay Area congressional seat, Gov. Benedict Arnold appointed the political whore, Maldonado, to the post. He did not deserve it then and does not deserve it now. But I can not advise to vote for someone even worse, San Francisco mayor and Democrat Gavin Newsom. So, all I can tell you is to follow your conscience as I will follow mine.
For the Secretary of State, Damon Dunn is a great candidate and someone that will follow election law. And not be beholden to the Democrat or Republican interests the way the current Secretary of State, Debra Bowen is to her Democrat special interests. Mr. Dunn see that Prop 11, which set up a citizens commission on political redistricting, will be implemented fair and honestly. I just have my doubts about a Democrat hack, Mrs. Bowen, making sure this will be done in the manner that the voters of California chose this past June.
The controller is the one that is going to have to help navigate California out of the financial morass it is in and state senator Tony Strickland is the clear choice. Unlike the current Democrat incumbent, John Chiang, Sen. Strickland will not be making the political decisions to force the legislature and governor to make bad decisions. He will be prudent and make sure people, vendors and others get paid and on time and no IOU's, the seemingly new Cali currency.
The treasurer's race is one I have not really followed and admit, I know little of Mimi Walters, the GOP standard bearer. The incumbent is Bill Lockyer. And he is just Jerry Brown's little brother, moving from one government job to another. On that alone, I would say vote for Mrs. Walters. But, I do not have a strong feeling in this race. So, I do not have that 100% feeling of recommendation.
For attorney general, the choice is clear. And that is the Los Angeles district attorney, Steve Cooley. His opponent is the San Francisco city/county district attorney, Kamala Harris. Need I write more? Well, I will. Mr. Cooley has led the Los Angeles district attorney's office for eight years and it is highly regarded. Yes, it does not always win some high profile cases. But it does not shy away from taking them on either. Mr. Cooley supports the death penalty and Miss Harris does not. She is very focused on left-wing do-goodism. And believes that her office should go after so-called environmental criminals while because her crime lab made some major screw-ups, many criminals may be let go. No, Mr. Cooley will win this race going away!
For insurance commissioner, it is tough to support the Republican, Mike Villines. After all, he is really no better than the political whore, Lt. Gov. Maldonado. But, Mr. Villines ran a tough primary and won. He was not rewarded the way the political whore, Lt. Gov. Maldonado was. And he won his race fair and square. It will be good to have continued Republican leadership in the office of insurance commissioner.
Now, this endorsement is unusual, but also a necessary one.
For the 4th district of the Board of Equalization, the California tax board, I have to go with the American Independent candidate, Shawn Hoffman. The Republicans blew this by not putting a candidate in. And Mr. Hoffman would bring real world experience over the Democrat incumbent, Jerome Horton. Mr. Hoffman is backed by Tea Party activists and deserves serious consideration for this important but oft overlooked state board.
I have written about Alvaro Day and he is a young man that will bring a necessary youthful outlook in the California state assembly. Mr. Day is young, conservative and not afraid to speak the truth. The Democrat incumbent, Anthony Portantino is but another Democrat hack politician that needs to be sent home.
In the two races for national office, senator and congressman, the choices can not be more stark and clear.
In the senate, Republican Carly Fiorina is the absolute choice to beat the most awful Sen. Ma'am Boxer. Mrs. Fiorina is a solid conservative and will bring a real world knowledge to congress. Something Sen. Ma'am has forgotten in her 28 years as a congressman and senator. Unlike Sen. Ma'am Boxer, Mrs. Fiorina rose to become the CEO of computer giant Hewlett-Packard. And yes, she had to make tough business decisions. And yes, they were not popular. But she made those decisions. And Hewlett-Packard is a stronger company today because of Mrs. Fiorina. What has Sen. Ma'am done lately? Well, more to kill jobs than anything. Voted for the so-called "stimulus", so-called health care "reform", for TARP. Everything that has killed this economy and will kill it. It is why I more than urge you to vote for Carly for senate.
And in congress, another Dear Leader, President Obama, shill, congressman Adam Schiff, needs to be sent home as well. The man to do that is John Colbert. Just read the above reasons and cast a vote for Mr. Colbert. Mr. Schiff has had 10 years in congress and while he has done some good things that all congressmen do for their districts, it is the big picture that I can not stomach. And you should not either. We must end our over dependency on Washington to solve our local problems. And that is why Mr. Colbert will make a great choice over Congressman Schiff.
For the record, I do not link to the Democrats I oppose because I think you ought to consider voting for any of them. It is to provide contrast to the Republican candidates I support or defer support.
We only have a few days. On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, we can be a part of history. We can get sanity back at all levels of government.
But we need to do several things.
One, go to any of the endorsed candidates websites. Drop some money. Also consider volunteering some time.
Make sure to vote. If you have not done your absentee ballot, do it now. You can even take it to the nearest polling station on election day. Vote on election day. Make sure to get those on the fence on the right side and get them to the polls.
But most important we all have a stake in the outcome of this election. Some of my candidates did not make it this far. But that is water under the bridge. We need to get all of these good people over the top. The Dems and the left are very organized, but not exactly excited about voting. We, conservative Republicans, are beginning to catch up. And independents that have been disappointed with the GOP, now is a chance to make a difference. And if you are a disaffected Dem, send a message.
Now is the time to take our state and our nation back!

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