Thursday, October 07, 2010

How The Great Uniter Fumbled

This post from Victor Davis Hanson over at National Review Online hits the nail on the head about the failures of the Dear Leader, President Obama, and how it will cost his Democrat party come this November.
Consider that while then Sen. Messiah Barack ran as a centrist, when he let slip his economic views to Joe the Plumber before the 2008 election, he still won.
It was as Prof. Hanson notes a Perfect Storm of events.
No left-winger in the past was able to pull it off.
Not George McGovern.
Not Walter Mondull, er Mondale.
Not Michael Dukakis.
Not John "Reporting for duty" Kerry.
It was Barack Hussein Obama that was finally able to win the White House and have a large majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate.
Yet rather than learning anything from the last time the Democrats controlled the levers like this, in 1992, Team Dear Leader decided to delude themselves into believing the hype.
That the American people finally accepted left-wing ideas. That the American people wanted to become fat, lazy and disengaged as their European ancestry is now.
Uh, no, we really did not.
What 2008 was really about was the voters revolting against then President George W. Bush. Although he was not on the ballot, because of the Perfect Storm of events, the energized Democrats voted. Independents voted against Republicans is places that had not voted for a Democrat since the Lyndon B. Johnson landslide of 1964. Many Republicans stayed home, burned out and frustrated. Hell, a few even bought just enough of the hype that they did vote for then Sen. Messiah Barack.
What we have is one of the most partisan presidents evah. Period. There is no escaping it.
And seizing on opportunity have tried to ram through the most left-wing of the Democrat agenda that they could in a generation.
What will happen is that a resurgent Republican party will take back congress. And it will go all the way down to the statehouse level.
And the only reason that the Democrats will have to blame for this is themselves.
And Prof. Hanson lays out the agenda that would have prevented the impending political tsunami.
Had the Dems and the Dear Leader, President Obama, pursued a clear centrist agenda of jobs, cutting deficit spending, putting off so-called health care "reform", stayed out of clearly local matters and used a more unifying tone rather than its us vs. them, the losses in the midterm election may have been modest at worst.
But no, not this guy, the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Clearly this guy fumbled any chance to be a truly great leader. A uniter, not a divider. And with a congress in the hands of the opposition, the Republicans, there is no indication that will change.
The Democrat party will pay for that. But most importantly, the American people are going to pay for the big-headedness of our president.
Let us hope that for the sake of this Great Land, we will find a way to come together in a meaningful way after November 2.

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