Friday, October 15, 2010

John Colbert Has Adam Schiff Running Scared

OK folks, if anyone thinks that there is not a race in the California 29th congressional district, maybe this article will cause some pause.
Yes, it is linked in the Puffington Post. But it is an actual Associated Press story that shows Republican insurgent John Colbert is making incumbent Democrat Adam Schiff scared. The fact that Mr. Schiff, who won last time with 69% of the vote is sending letters to voters ragging on Mr. Colbert is a good sign that there is progress for Mr. Colbert.
Folks, Mr. Colbert is running really hard. He can use some help. Money, time. Anything.
When an incumbent like Mr. Schiff has to fight off some one like Mr. Colbert, it is a sign that the Tea Party candidates are the real deal. No amount of spin can stop that. No matter what the Democrats and their allies say.
For some reason, I have not been able to find any polling on this race. One suspects that because this is such a Democrat-heavy district, the assumption is that it is a lock for the Dems. But in this climate, do not count on it.
Maybe this over at The Campaign Spot at National Review Online is an indicator that things are really going the Republican and Tea Party way.
Just remember, there is a local candidate named John Colbert that needs some help!

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Anonymous said...

This AP story also appeared in Forbes today. We indeed are running a very tough race in CD29 - thanks for the mention Mark!

Ron Robinson