Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Official Right View From The Left Coast Predictions For Congress, The Senate And Governors

Whew! A long headline, but an important post.
We have now mere hours til election day on Tuesday. The result is gelling into a Republican repudiation of the Dear Leader, President Obama, the Democrat party and the overall arrogance of those in Washington and many a state house in this Great Land.
So, rather than letting the people like Chucky Cook, Stuart Rothenberg and the Crystal Ball guy, Dr. Larry Sabato have all the fun, here is something a little different.
The Official 2010 Right View From The Left Coast Predictions For Election Day.
As I wrote on my Facebook page, the Republicans will take 65 seats in the House of Representatives. That will increase their total from 178 to 243. The Democrats will be under 200 seats for the first time since the 80th congress of 1947-49. WOO HA ! ! The Dems will end up with 192 seats. That will be a psychological train wreck for the party of Wilson, FDR and now BHO. Count on gnashing of teeth and talk of dumping the Dear Leader, President Obama in 2012.
Folks, it won't get better for the Dems in the senate.
I believe that the wave, no the tsunami, will take the Republicans to a gain of 11 seats and a majority. Yes, I know, some of those prognosticators think that this is a tough hill to climb. But hey, that did not stop Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough riders in the Spanish-American war, right? There are some races that I think are not even on the radar that can bring that majority to pass. Think New York state and the race for Kirsten Gillibrand's senate seat. The GOP actually has a good candidate in Joe DioGuardi that may just pull off a huge upset. Sen. Gillibrand's numbers are weak for an incumbent and even in a lefty mecca that is New York, Republicans are expected to make gains. Why not here? And two years ago, did anyone think that Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold would be saying bye-bye to his senate seat? It looks that way. It is that kind of year.
In the governor's races, the Republicans will win the majority of them. Yes, Meg Whitman is going to pull out a win in California. Charlie Baker will have a narrow win over Dear Leader, President Obama sycophant Deval Patrick in Massachusetts. In the end, four of the top five populated states in the union will be led by Republican governors. That will be California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. Florida and Texas are still growing states and under current Republican leadership. That will just keep going. The Republicans will have 35 state governors compared to the Dems 15.
Keep in mind that many states will also see increases in Republican legislators. Many could see current Democrat majorities ousted. Or split legislatures. And the most important reason is that there will be reapportionment based on the 2010 census.
But here is my admonition.
This will not happen unless we work and work hard to get every voter to the polls on Tuesday.
I will be doing some precinct walking later today. There are phone calls to be made. Arrangements for giving friends rides on election day. So long as they vote the right way, of course! In other words, we need to Be The Wave together. No, dammit, we need to Be The Tsunami. We need to send a crushing blow to the Democrat party. To Nancy Pelosi. To Harry Reid. And most important of all, the Dear Leader, President Obama, himself. In other words, to quote our Dear Leader, President Obama, in this fight we need to bring a knife. That knife is the vote. To vote out those that have ignored the will of the people. To vote against an ever increasing big government. To vote for fiscal responsibility. To vote for, dare I write this, restoring honor to this Great Land.
We have to make the above predictions come true together.
And one more thing to remember.
On election day, roughly about 6pm Pacific time, we will have an idea who will control congress. A lot of polls will be closed in the East coast and the central time zone. More than likely, the predicition will be for the Republicans to at least have the House. If you are in the Mountain, Pacific or outlying time zones of Alaska and Hawaii, YOU MUST STILL VOTE! The Democrats, God willing, will be so discouraged they will leave the polling stations. If we keep voting, that will not only make the predictions come true, but maybe even larger than we can hope for.
Tuesday is going to be a repudiation of the Democrat party. Pure, plain and simple!

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