Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Conservatives And Republicans: Gird Your Loins!

Sorry Mr. Vice-President for stealing your line!
But, the reality is that now in the home stretch of the 2010 midterm elections, it is what amounts to the last gasp of the Democrats as the reality sets in that they may very well maybe out of both houses of congress. They maybe the minority of governors in the United States. And an outside chance they will be in the minority of control of state legislatures.
So, when you see the kind of polling that seems to show the Dems gaining, remember that it is Pyrrhic. It is not reality.
Even in the latest Gallup poll that seems to show the American public split down the middle, among registered voters, 46% to 46%, see at the link that the Republican and or Republican leaning voter is much more enthusiastic about voting this time around. However, two models, here show that the Republicans will make substantive gains come November 2.
Yet the Obamawhore media will point to the former, inaccurate read over the latter, accurate read.
And the same Obamawhore media is going orgasmic over the hated Rasmussen poll showing the congressional generic within the margin of error, 45% to 42%.
As the Vice-President, Joe the Brain Biden, said, we have to gird our loins.
This is to be expected.
So, this is a call to arms to my fellow conservatives, Republicans, independents and discerning disgruntled Democrats.
Here in California alone are at least five potential races the Republicans can win.
Start right here in my congressional district, the 29th. The race between congressman Adam Schiff and John Colbert. Don't forget to give some cash right here. And if not cash, get a yard sign. Make some time to make phone calls.
And there is another opportunity in the 47th congressional district between congressman Loretta Sanchez and Van Tran. This district was once the home district to B-1 Bob Dornan. Yet since Mrs. Sanchez won this seat in 1996, it has been gerrymandered hardcore to keep her safe. This is the best chance since then for the Republicans to get this seat back where it belongs.
In Central Cali, there are two races that may bode quite well for the Republicans.
District 18 is where incumbent Dem Dennis Cardoza was bought off for his yes vote on so-called health care "reform" with a pledge to open water to starved farmers in the breadbasket of the United States, the Central Valley. The Republican is Mike Berryhill. Mr. Berryhill is a rancher and one that will bring that sense to congress come January.
In the 20th congressional district is another Dem bought off with the promise of water from the Democrat leadership.
Jim Costa is running against Andy Vidak and the latest polling shows this race a dead heat. Mr. Vidak is within the margin of error.
Up in the 11th district, Jerry McNerney is running against Republican David Harmer. Mr. Harmer ran for the Republicans in the 10th district special election that was run earlier this year. That was won by Democrat John Garamendi. And polls show Mr. Harmer making serious headway that it is a toss-up race at the moment.
Right there are five races for congress that could increase the California Republican congressional contingent from 19 to 24.
And do not forget the senate battle between Sen. Ma'am Boxer and Carly Fiorina. The polls still show Sen. Ma'am Boxer ahead, but it is tightening and Mrs. Fiorina is starting to run some new ads on radio and television.
See, there is everything going for the Republicans and yes, conservatives. The Dems are beyond playing defense. They are simply swinging at every bad pitch out there.
This is why we have to get serious in the next 27 days and get out there and carry these candidates over the finish line.
Do not be discouraged. Pay no attention to pro-Democrat polls.
In other words, gird our loins and get to work!

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