Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Left Angeles Times Continues Democrat Shilling

God love the Left Angeles Times!
I mean, the folks in charge there really do think that Democrats are just going to flock to the polls on election day and stop the Republican tsunami.
Another example of the Times shilling for Democrats is this article on Utah Republican Jim Bennett.
Who is Jim Bennett?
He is the son of the current Republican Senator, Robert Bennett. Sen. Bennett could not get renominated within his own party's convention nominating process. So well thought of by Utah Republicans, Sen. Bennett came in third in convention earlier this year.
And who was Sen. Bennett's campaign manager?
BINGO! Ol' Jimmy Bennett.
Jimmy did such a bang-up job, didn't he?
So, rather than being a mensch and backing the eventual winner, Mike Lee (who won a primary after the Republican convention was not able to agree on one candidate), he is backing the Democrat running, Sam Granato.
And because Utah is as Republican as Massachusetts is Democrat, even with Jimmy Bennett's backing, Mr, Granato is only about 30 points down to Mr. Lee.
And Jimmy Bennett is not alone in his displeasure at so-called fellow Republicans.
There are two other Republicans mentioned in the article. One is Sheryl Allen. She is so mad at the Republicans, she is running for lieutenant governor. As a Democrat. Same for Tiani Coleman who is running for congress as a Democrat.
Here is what Quin Monson a professor at Brigham Young University explained:

"There's a group of moderate Republicans that are disappointed in the direction the state party is taking, but the problem is they're not as large and energized as the group that took out Sen. Bennett."

Tea party backed candidates won and moderate Republicans decided to do what they always do. Take their marbles to the other team. Remember, to these people, conservatives lose they always have to support the moderate winner. Not the other way around.
The real question is why the Times wasted a lot of trees to focus on a race that they essentially admit the Democrats have no chance to win?
Because it is the narrative that the Republicans are divided. That they are in disarray. And that many are flocking to the Democrat party.
If that was the case, why does it appear that the Republicans are poised to take the House, senate and majority of governorships?
Only on 3rd and Spring streets in downtown Los Angeles do they still believe in the Democrat party. One only has to take a look at their state endorsements to get there. Only for the attorney general's race did they endorse a Republican, Los Angeles county district attorney Steve Cooley.
And yet they feel they have a pulse on the average Republican in Utah.
Well, put this shilling in the file. A waste of a story to push a mythical narrative.

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dmarks said...

Some of those moderate republicans, like the one in Delaware, are outright leftists, not moderate.