Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Big Red GOP Wave Is Churning

In another bit of news on the impending political tsunami to hit on November 2, 2010, this article in the Wall Street Journal is showing more evidence that the tsunami is gonna be a big one.
Bastions of Democrat dominance are on the brink.
In Oregon, the stoners there are even coming to grips that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is not all that he is cracked-up to be. Two Democrat congressmen there, Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader are in serious fights to maintain their seats. It should be noted that Mr. DeFazio won his seat in 2008 with 82% of the vote. And Mr. Schrader won his by a high number as well. Yet Mr. DeFazio admits that he is in the fight of his political life.
If both seats become Republican, then the Oregon congressional delegation will be a majority Republican one by a 3-2 margin.
In Washington state, veteran Democrat Sen. Patty Murray is in a big fight with Republican Dino Rossi. Polls show that he is ahead, although within the margin of error.
Go to the other side of the United States, to New England and there is energy not seen since 1994.
Republicans look poised to gain congressional seats in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. On the outside is maybe Rhode Island in the first district. That seat is being vacated by Patrick Burp Kennedy. One hopes that no matter who wins, that winner is one that keeps his or her distance from adult beverage. Right now, only in New York state are there any Republicans in congress. And that is only two. Even in Blue New York state, the Republicans are expected to make big gains.
And let us not forget that if this is a tsunami coming, a Democrat senator in New York may fall. No, not Sen. Chucky Scummer, er Schumer. But Democrat Kristen Gillinbrand. She has a serious race on her hands with Republican Joe DioGuardi. And do not rule out World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon upsetting Democrat attorney general Richard Blumenthal.
And there is the South, the Midwest, the Great Plains and, you get the picture.
We will know really early in the West if this is indeed gonna be a tsunami on November 2. And if it is, expect that potential Democrat voters really stay home. That is sure to effect many races out here.
My guess is that Republicans and independents can not wait to vote. Democrats would like this to be over already to concentrate on 2012. And that will lead to a political churning that we have not seen in our lifetimes.

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