Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sen. Feinstein Blocking Renewable Energy

God Bless Sen. Dianne Feinstein. I mean, I know and understand that she means well and all, but this proposal to shut down 500,000 acres of desert in the Mojave Desert is, well something only one with a bad case of heatstroke would think makes sense.
The argument that Sen. Feinstein is making is that the land was purchased for the expressed purpose of preserving a so-called delicate ecosystem.
Fine, that maybe the case.
But it calls into question the fact that anytime there is a proposal to do something like wind and or solar power, up comes a Democrat finding some excuse to block it.
Take the case of the Massachusetts Democrat warhorse, Sen. Teddy Kennedy.
He blocked a coastal wind farm near the family compound in Hyanis Point. Because it would be an eyesore and block the view.
Now, Sen. Feinstein is going the same route.
Not all that far from rightviewfromtheleftcoast headquarters, near Palm Springs in fact, is a large swath of windmills along Interstate 10. Far from being an eyesore, they break the monotony of driving in the desert. Trust me, it is a looooonnnnggg drive. And boring.
The windmills provide much needed power to the residents of Palm Springs and the surrounding communities. And they are no where in or near any of the cities of the Coachella Valley.
The fact is that 19 companies are expressing interest in the land in the Mojave Desert that Sen. Feinstein wants to become a national monument so there will not be anything done to it.
The only way that there is going to be any way to see if wind and or solar power is going to be a viable option is to build the windmills and solar panels.
Not doing so seems to indicate that those who claim to favor it really do not. If they did, they would be in front of finding land and areas to let companies develop and once and for all we, the American public, can have some idea of the viability that advocates speak of.
Eventually, if every senator takes the Feinstein and Kennedy approach, there will be no area to develop alternative energy.
This should not pass and the land should be developed. It has to be made clear, as President Obama has made, that finding a way to become energy independent is a matter of national security. Not a matter of preserving a lot of sand and tumbleweeds.


friedmsw said...

I though that President Obama is in favor of investigating solar and wind as an energy alternative. So, does that mean that Sen. Feinstein is opposing President Obama?

skeneogden said...

I'm sure Sen. Feinstein is fine with wind and solar power, as long as it happens in the deserts of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

If power is ever rationed you can be sure that Feinstein and her ilk will have plenty.

Anonymous said...

Must be tough to govern when your special interest groups have a conflict of interest.