Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Left's Campaign Of "Tolerance" Going After Bill O'Reily

Now, I agree with the person that sent me this link that it may not be all that accurate. But if it is, it is just one more example of the biggest lie of the left. That they are filled with "non-judgementalism" and "tolerance".
Think Progress is, besides being an absolute oxymoron, a left-wing group that is in the fore front of trying to silence any opposition to President Obama and his agenda. In and of itself, I have problem in their support for President Obama and his agenda. But, rather than build support on the merit, the left figures that it can just tear down their opponents.
But putting pressure on a major corporation such as United Parcel Service to stop shipping Bill O'Reily's merchandise is intolerable.
In these tough economic times, companies can not afford to lose any customer. And if this is true that a major parcel carrier such as United Parcel Service will stop shipping the merchandise of a popular commentator, where will it end?
It will not in the eyes of the left wing. All opposition must be squelched. In any way possible. Whether it is legal or not.
As the writer who sent me the link pointed out, there are other services, such as the United States Postal Service, Federal Express and others that would be more than glad to get my business.
If United Parcel Service can cave so easy, who is to say that others will not as well?
Ah, Hope and Change! Hope and Change!


friedmsw said...

If it is true, this is an outrage! I know that Bill O'Reilly can handle himself against these people. However, you are right about the economic impact. What is the interpretation of the 1st Ammendment to these people anyway?
Just goes to show me that the libs do not care about what is legal, ethical or moral!

DoorHold said...

I dont' see the problem. A group pressures an advertiser to stop advertising on a show. Happens ALL. THE. TIME. All companies and media outlets have to take public comment into account.

Do I AGREE with this particular 'boycott' and the results? Nope. But it's TP's right (TP, ha!) to say what they want and UPS's right to choose their advertising outlets.

And OUR rights include choosing someone other than UPS for any reason whatsoever. You should write UPS to let 'em know if you are upset enough to change your choice of carrier. Just sayin'.