Friday, March 27, 2009

Margaret Thatcher And Sarah Palin-More Alike Than One Thinks

In the past Death March of a presidential campaign, many a Republican got excited over Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.
The choice did not just excite Republicans but many a Democrat for within less than 48 hours, there were rumors and half-truths a plenty on the left-wing blogosphere.
But, many people were making a comparison to the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. And so many dismissed that because after all, Mrs. Thatcher was a real leader. A long-term prime minister.
But, in this post by Patum Peperium, the similarities are rather eerie to say the least.
Here the exact photo caption that is on the post when Mrs. Thatcher became the leader of the British Conservative party:

LONDON: She has been described as a "deceptively fragile-looking blonde housewife," but Margaret Thatcher, 49-year-old mother of 21-year-old twins, "is one of the toughest in-fighters in the largely men's world of British politics." This week the former education secretary in the 1970-74 Edward Heath government, was elected to the Conservative party throne from which she toppled former Premier Heath a week earlier. The victory made her Britain's first woman party leader and put her well in the running some day to become the country's first woman Prime Minister.

It was an establishment tool, former Prime Minister Edward Heath, that gave Mrs. Thatcher her first break serving as the Education minister.
A Republican tool, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain gave Gov. Palin her first break serving as his running mate.
The critics dismissed Mrs. Thatcher in similar ways that they are doing to Gov. Palin.
But the thrust of the linked post is putting all the establishment critics in a one-stop place.
The list is the typical establishment types: Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker, David Brooks, Jeffrey Hart, and Christopher Hitchens. Patum forgot one. DAVID FRUM!
These are short-sided people who have never ran for and been elected to anything.
Someone like a Margaret Thatcher had to run in elections, win and or lose and when she won, she had to govern. Mrs. Thatcher had to put what she believed in practice.
Same for Gov. Palin. She has had to run in elections, win and now lose. And when she won, she has had to govern.
And it is a good thing that Gov. Palin is back in Alaska governing. It is a good thing that she is not sucking up to people that think she is not their equal.
Gov. Palin is not their equal. Gov. Palin is superior to these people that write a good game, but not actually having to govern.
It would behoove Gov. Palin to study Margaret Thatcher. She will learn a lot and it will help her if she goes on to higher office.

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Gary said...

Very well said sir. I'll have to look for it, but one of Lady Thatcher's closest advisors also compared the two, saying That Governor Palin was certainly Maggie's equal.