Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why Does ANYONE Care About The White House Correspondents Dinner?

I know you are thinking that if I don't care about the dreaded White House Correspondents Dinner, why write about it?
Well, it is kind of a morbid fascination as to why anyone gives a flying pig about a bunch of "journalists" and their guests listening to the President of the United States, no matter who he or she maybe, prattle on some supposed unrehearsed zingers at the same press corps giving themselves some big party.
Today it is nothing more than Hollywood in Washington.
All these Hollyweird celebutards, invited by jealous folks that they do not have the same appeal as do the people they invited. I mean really, is there any reason on God's green earth that Lindsey Lowlife should be anywhere near this event?
Yet Fox News Channels' Greta Van Sustren invited Miss Lowlife to last year's bash. And it so offended one Tom Brokaw so much he vowed never to attend another.
Awww,  so sad that Bolshevik Brokaw did not want to come to this year's bash.
Look, I do not blame Lindsey Lowlife for showing up. Any publicity is good, especially for her, right?
But here is the problem I have with this and all types of shows that elevate self-worth.
In this case, it sends a bad message that the press and the administration in power in Washington are too chummy.
Because even when George W. Bush was president, even Ronald Reagan, even Richard Nixon, there has always been favorable media and or reporters.
But to be this open about it? To suck up to each other like the worst porno movie you can imagine?
The Washington press corps, no especially the White House press corps needs not only to be adversarial, but distant as possible no matter who occupies the White House.
Having what has become a Hollyweird production of a dinner is just too much.
But it dovetails on the whole awards-show concept that is disturbing.
From the Academy Awards down to the high school sports banquets, it is nothing more than self-love.
Oh, look at us actors! We are just so fricking wonderful! We spend an evening in clothes we only rent once a year pretending to be rooting for anyone but themselves to win an award that they want for themselves.
It is totally phony.
Just as is the WHCD.
And yet there are all these celebrity hanger-ons and politicians, a dangerous combo if there ever was one, and even the president there, yukking it up. Why they even have some awards they hand out at this event as well.

Most people are really not into this dripping celebutard-politard worship. We really are not. It is one of those things that unifies Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, and everyone else in between.
Yet this shameful event gets bigger and bigger every single year.
And yet, I do not care. Most of us do not care.
I end with this question.
When will others follow Tom Brokaw and never show up again?

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