Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Who Gets More Ink, The Gay NBA Player Or The Baby-Killing Abortionist?

It is a good question for we do live in crazy times that an NBA player decides to tell the world he is a homosexual and a man on trial for his life for botching an abortion and the discovery of his House of Horrors juxtaposes on same day.
So people, who gets more ink? Or coverage in the so-called Mainstream Media?
Why once again, it is the dude that tells the world he is a homosexual.
Yes, according to the Mainstream Media, it is important, so earth-shattering news that a nearly washed up NBA player by the name of Jason Collins has an interview with Sports Illustrated in which he discloses that he is a gay man.
And for Jason, he is a twofer.
A BLACK, gay man that happens to play in the National Basketball Association.
This is suppose to be a first for he is the first current pro-player to say yup, I likes the guys and not the gals to have relations with.
Not only is it a revelation, but my local fish wrap, the Pasadena Star-News editorializes that this is so huge, why it compares to Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in pro sports in 1947 as the first Black player in major league baseball. Of course with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Well, back to that hyperbole later.
I eagerly look for coverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the same fish wrap.
Wait, who is this Kermit Gosnell anyhow?!
Well, it is suppose to be Dr. Gosnell, but what he did, I can not call him a doctor.
"Dr." Gosnell has spent the last 40 years as, to put it kindly, an abortion provider.
A butcher that preys on the young, poor and most vulnerable women is what this cretin really is.
The reason that "Dr." Gosnell is on trial is he was charged for third-degree murder in the death of one of his "patients", one Karnamaya Mongar. It appears that "Dr." Gosnell, well he just stuffed her with a lethal combo of anesthesia and painkillers. And the only reason this was discovered because this wonderful man of the community, while he was being investigated for illegal prescription drug use at his vaunted Women's Medical Society in Philadelphia.
The worst aspect of this abortionist is that he had absolutely no problem killing nearly full born babies. This "Dr." Gosnell, he was a specialist in late-term abortions. And hey, if the baby did not die this the body of a woman, well hell, just let him or her come out and a little snip to the back of the neck and voila! Problem solved. A dead baby.
Now before one thinks that this is some great man that justs brings a health service to vulnerable women, consider that this dude has had a rap sheet going back to 1989. This is not "Dr." Gosnell's first trip around the legal block.
There is a lot more.
But there is also another aspect to this case.
It is the lack of Mainstream Media coverage. It is also addressed in the Wikipedia piece. Why even a Washington Post reporter, Melissa Henneberger, wrote about the lack coverage that is in retrospect a bad thing. Because the Post in particular thought that it was little more than a local crime story in Philadelphia. Miss Henneberger said that one colleague thought that it was too lurid a story.
Too lurid a story?! Really?!
Even Miss Henneberger could not believe that "logic".
The real reason is that this is a such a case that it very well can and will make people think twice about the role of abortion in the United States today. And the abortuary industrial complex, with its tentacles deep inside the Mainstream Media can not let that happen. They will do all in their power to try to keep coverage of this trial at a minimum. And up to now, they have somewhat suceeded.
But those dastardly internets and that pesky Fox News Channel and some local coverage has elevated this case to a rightful national level.
But the Mainstream Media thinks that the more important story is an NBA player in the waning days of his career "coming out" as a gay man.
Well, to be honest, this is not the big deal athlete I would think want to be the first. In fact, Mr. Collins is currently not under a contract and is a free agent.
But to see the coverage of this over "Dr." Gosnell is a case of our priorities are really screwed up.
Somehow, Mr. Collins is elevated to hero status because as I noted, he admits that he likes guys, not gals.
And the comparison to Jackie Robinson is beyond insulting.
Here is the difference.
Mr. Robinson would have been regulated to playing baseball in separate, all-Black leagues known as the Negro Leagues. Had it not been for the vision of Branch Rickey. And while Mr. Robinson was working his way up to the Dodgers, he played in the South where the California-born Robinson was exposed to Jim Crow at its worse. How about not being able to go to the men's room? Oh he could, as long as he went to the Colored men's room. Lunch counters, the same. Drinking fountains, the same. Even seating at ballparks, the same petty humiliation because he was a Black man.
Does Mr. Collins or has he faced anything near that? Even being in the closet, so to speak? Sure, he heard more than his fair share faggots, queer, and other anti-gay epitaphs. But he could do all the things he wanted that but a few generations ago, Jackie Robinson fought for his right to be able to do.
Including being able to be a gay man.
And I'll go this far.
I don't care. I really don't care if Mr. Collins, hell the whole Washington Wizards team is gay. As long as the other players are down with it. For you see, pro sports has the right to do what it wants. I believe that no one should get in the way of what they choose to do. So long as the ramifications are to be understood by all concerned.
But really, what is going to affect the greater number of members of society?
Whether a pro athlete is gay or whether a butcher killing innocent babies will pay a price for his barbarity?

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