Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are You As Worried About Red Korea As I Am?

OK, most people refer to it as North Korea, or in the Orwellian term The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
But I prefer to call it what it is.
Red Korea.
And these days, I must admit that I am worried about the current lunatic from the Kim family running the show. And that would be Kim Jong-un, the 28-year old successor to his daddy, Kim Jong-il. And Kim Jong-il took over from his daddy, the Great Leader, Kim Il-sung.
See a pattern here?
For a nation that touts communist-socialism, they sure know how to keep the power in the family, don't they?
Well for the last 20 years, the Red Koreans have been seeking and more than likely not only have a nuclear bomb, but the missile capability to deliver fatal blows beyond the Korean peninsula. \
And today, the Pentagon had to make what I consider a frightening admission.
That the Red Koreans "probably" have enough know how to arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead.
Want to know what is worse?
That the same Defense Intelligence Agency that made this horrible admission also said that a potential weapon wouldn't be very reliable.
And hence this is where I ask these questions.
What worries you more?
That Red Korea has nukes?
That they have ballistic missile capability to deliver nuke warheads?
That missiles may not be very reliable?
Well, all three sure as hell worry me.
But lets look at the reliability issue.
If the Red Koreans are at a point where they are ready to end the 1953 armistice treaty that essentially ended the Korean War, what do the leaders care about reliability? After all, the more unreliable, the more chaos ensues and the armaments and troops of the world's fourth largest army goes marching on to the free South, the Republic of Korea. And with the South capital of Seoul only less than 30 miles from the DMZ, the conditions could be ripe for the North to capture a very wounded South and the world possibly dealing with a nuked Tokyo. Or even a city in Red China, maybe Hong Kong.
OK, why take out their one and only ally, Red China?
Well, if the Red Koreans want to take the South by force and keep the Red Chinese out of it one way or the other, why not take out a city?
Here is the thing.
If the Red Korean military now have a leader that is willing to settle the issue of a divided Korea once and for all, and it does appear that Kim Jong-un is that leader, they have to take out all possible impediments. And while Red China and Red Korea have been allies, it has long been thought that the Red Chinese have been able to keep Red Korea on a short enough leash so that they do not go down this road.
But what if that is no more?
Another absolutely frightening thought is what we do not know about the Red Korean nuke program. And if missile delivery is the only thing that they are feverishly working on.
What is the possibility that a suitcase nuke is possibly on American soil as I type this? What if all that needs to be done is wait for the order and BOOM! There goes Los Angeles. Or Chicago. Or New York City. Maybe somewhere more in the Heartland like St. Louis or Kansas City? Hell, why not all of those cities and more?
Again, we do not have reliable intelligence to really know what is really going on inside Red Korea and who would be crazy enough to align themselves to carry out such a beyond dastardly deed.
This leads back to a reality.
That the United States has been trying to play geopolitics with a regime that is not only delusional but shewed in how they play on the sympathies of seeing starving and dying Red Koreans to force the West to give food in return for maybe delaying the inevitable.
And this is a bipartisan issue.
Former President Bill Clinton tried diplomacy. Seemed like it worked. But it all hinged on meaningless sanctions to force to thuggish commie-monarchist Kims to open up the nation more and not develop a stronger armed forces that included nukes.
Former President George W. Bush at least called the Red Koreans part of the Axis of Evil. But really, that is about all as being preoccupied with the two-front wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, North Korea was put on the back burner.
And now the current occupant of the White House, President Obama, has had no better luck and followed the same geopolitical games that may see a horrible reality occur on his watch.
The real policy should have always been regime change.
Instead of buying time and allowing the maniacal commie-monarchist Kims to stay in power, the United States should have instituted a naval blockade when it was obvious the Red Koreans were working on The Bomb. It also should have impressed on South Korea to also blockade their border with the North. Now, the North would have been helped by Red China, but they could have been pressured to pressure the North not to develop nukes.
And if there were any forces within Red Korea that could be identified as wanting to topple the Kim regime, they should have been made a proxy and aid given to them to begin a popular revolt within the Hermit Kingdom.
Oh but that would be provocative, right?
But threatening to nuke South Korea is not?
Do we just keep deluding ourselves into thinking that there are cooler heads within the Red Korean hierarchy?
Well, if there are it is more like were. The hawks are winning and see this Kim as the one to lead them to defeat the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll South Koreans and make the whole Korean peninsula a worker's paradise.
I would not often link to the London Daily Mirror for it is a left-wing tabloid rag. But this article with video shows the type of people we are dealing with in Red Korea. Again, it is frightening.
Now, are you as worried about Red Korea as I am?

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