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Baroness Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013

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This is going to be two posts in one as the first part are my thoughts on the late former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher and her legacy. The second part will be about the vile, scum of the Earth that celebrated Baroness Mrs. Thatcher's death yesterday
The last great prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Baroness Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher, died yesterday from complications of a stroke at the age of 87.
Lady Thatcher was an amazing woman of many firsts, but the most important was when she became the leader of the Conservative party in 1975. By that when the general election campaign of 1979 came to pass and the Conservatives won the majority of parliamentary seats, she was asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form a government. The first time a woman would be prime minister of the U. K. And not only did the Conservatives win in 1979 with 44% of the national vote and 339 parliamentary seats, they won in 1983 and in 1987.
Oh yes, Lady Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady. And she was truly that. An Iron Lady.
What is amazing about Lady Thatcher is that she represented something really different in a British political leader. She was really one of the people, not an elite trained at the citadels of power. But the daughter of a country grocer who went to public schools and eventually matriculated from Oxford with a B. S. degree in chemistry. She worked as a research chemist before meeting and marrying Denis Thatcher. After that she went to law school and became the American equivalent to a tax attorney. It was not until 1959 that she would eventually win a seat to the parliament from the constituency of Finchley. She would be there throughout her political career.
Lady Thatcher worked hard in everything that she did. And it eventually paid off when the Conservative party came to power in 1970. Then Prime Minister Edward Heath appointed then Mrs. Thatcher to be the Education Secretary.
When the Heath government fell in 1974, the Conservatives went into opposition and the long knives were out for Mr. Heath. And the beneficiary of that was Mrs. Thatcher who ended up winning the leadership fight.
And then was the election of 1979.
The question was would the people of the U. K. vote not just for the Conservatives but a woman to lead them?
In 1978, the Labour-led government of then Prime Minister James Callaghan faced a series of damaging strikes in the so-called "Winter of discontent". It was that and the British economy in free-fall that led the voters to give the Conservatives a 44 seat parliament majority and by default the keys of 10 Downing Street to Margaret Thatcher.
And Prime Minister Thatcher hit the ground running in her effort to reform not just the British government, but the people's whole attitudes in general.
Mrs. Thatcher sought to combat staggering high inflation of 18% as well as high taxes and an increasingly expensive welfare state.
Heavily influenced by Milton Friedman and other libertarian economists, she hiked interest rates to curb inflation. Lowered income taxes. Her tight-money policies brought down inflation to under 10% and the economy improved by 1983 where the Conservatives won reelection.
After that election, Mrs. Thatcher's Conservatives went on to privatize huge sections of the state economy.
The steel industry, telecommunications, electricity and many others were eventually privatized. Even the railroads were eventually privatized.
In the process, to be blunt, Mrs. Thatcher had to break the power of the Trades Union Congress, the U. K. equivalent to the AFL-CIO. The most important victory was in the national Miner's strike of 1984. It was there that the Thatcher government waited out the illegal strikers and broke the power of the unions for a generation. And that led to a period of economic growth that has been unmatched since then.
In foreign policy, Mrs. Thatcher was a staunch anti-communist. She supported a hard-line in dealing with the then Soviet Union. Until one Mikhail Gorbachev came along. He was a young Soviet Communist part apparatchik that became General Secretary of the Communist party. Mrs. Thatcher believed that this was the leader that the West could deal with to reduce nuclear arms and long-term Soviet influence. And she was right. Between her and then President Ronald Reagan, they began the process of destroying the Soviet Union from within and also militarily.
Eventually by 1992, the Soviet Union would be no more and Soviet communism also went away.
Mrs. Thatcher also ended up being the leader that gave back the territory of Hong Kong to Red China. That is still to this day a controversial decision, but it is done.
Another important thing that Mrs. Thatcher did was move the nation as a whole to the right and the Labour party to the center. If there is no Margaret Thatcher, there is no Tony Blair.
But make no mistake, Mrs. Thatcher had opponents in her own Conservative party. Her internal opponents were known as the "Wets", or to Americanize it, RINOs*. The Wets were those afraid that Mrs. Thatcher's more controversial policies would cost the Conservatives in elections. They did not really want to cut the size of government. They felt that they had an obligation to run the welfare state that the Labour party instituted after World War II better. Sounds familiar, does it not?
All that aside, Mrs. Thatcher and her policies ended up winning in the end. She was a trans formative leader in the best sense.
Many, many British left wingers hated her. Hated her viscerally. These sick degenerates celebrated Lady Thatcher's death yesterday and that leads to the second half of this post.

Why Celebrate Baroness Thatcher's Death As The British Left Has Done?

I must admit that I am utterly amazed that some people in the U. K. were actually celebrating the death of the former prime minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher.
Yet there they were. All these hooligans, whooping it up. Happy that a duly elected leader is dead. Now granted, this display was in the Brixton section of London. It is one of the flash points of race riots that gripped Great Britain in the early 1980s. It was here that then Prime Minister Thatcher showed that law and order first, questions and solutions later were the order of the day.
But the celebrations, if one wants to call it that, were not just in places like Brixton. It was in cities such as Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, London. All over the U. K. and even in Northern Ireland. And according to this report in The Daily Mail, these celebrations are making security for the just short of state funeral for Lady Thatcher a real headache.
And for a taste of the vile of the left in the U. K., here is a wee bit o' a palate cleanser.

So nice.
Yet while many of these hooligans may have not been born when Lady Thatcher was prime minister, they are heavily influenced by the entrenched left.
And make no mistake, the left in Britain in years ahead in influence over the American left.
But again, Lady Thatcher won three elections in a row. If she was soooo terrible as these people claim, how could she win? How did she become the leader of the Conservative party in the first place?
That, my friends is something that they can not and will not be able to answer. For if they truly did, they would have to insult a wide swath of the people of the U. K.
What is even weirder is that Mrs. Thatcher has not been a politician since her eventual ouster in 1990. For about 23 years, she has been but an observer and not a player.
But this is what the left does. Gins up anger. Gets people to blame someone else for real and or imagined ills. And that is what we see here.
People happy that an elected official is dead.
Contrast that to when another figure went off to the Glory in 2004, Ronald Reagan. Why many on the American left were falling all over themselves to claim Mr. Reagan in some way as one of their own. In a past life, Mr. Reagan was an FDR Democrat. But by the time he became president, he was also the kind of trans formative leader that Lady Thatcher was. But, by and large, most lefties did not encourage nor celebrate with the same venom the death of Mr. Reagan that the Brits are with Lady Thatcher.
But this reaction I think would make Lady Thatcher laugh. Seriously.
I mean, she would be laughing at the time that these vermin are wasting getting drunk and partying over her demise. She would be saying that they should get off the public dole and get a job.
To me, this is the result of the loss of religion in the U. K.  By that I mean the positive role that faith plays in a civil society.
The U. K. is one of the least religious nations in the world. Sure, better than most of continental Europe, but not much. The leaders of the state church, the Church of England, should be more involved in everyday life, not less. With a strong faith comes respect for others, even in politics. I do earnestly believe if there was more of that, there would be less of the utterly disgusting display of glee we see in these people over the death of an old lady.
Yes, we can take a critical look at Lady Thatcher's political life. But not mindless debauchery.
The lesson here is that when a major political figure in the United States dies, regardless of party or ideology, it brings the nation together. In the U. K., for some reason, it drives people more apart.
For that, the United States is a better people and a better nation.

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