Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Second Boston Massacre

Everyone knows the story of the Boston Massacre of 1770 as a precursor to the American Revolution.
But yesterday within 10 seconds, there was the second Boston Massacre and this one is in no way an even distant reason related to the original Boston Massacre.
As thousands of runners were, in some cases slowly, crossing the finish line in the world-famous Boston Marathon, not one but two bombs went off within 10 seconds of each other.
As of this writing, the death toll stands at three dead and at least 176 wounded. Of those wounded, there are reports that maybe 20 to 30 people faced or had limbs amputated. Among the dead was eight-year old Martin Richard from nearby Dorchester, Massachusetts.
There are so many sad stories and yet of course the stories of what makes Americans so damn awesome. People helping runners who had no where to go get somewhere. Many Marathon runners going to hospitals to donate blood. People just there for each other. Sometimes, it is all that can be done in events like this.
Once again, way too many people are calling a criminal, no very likely terrorist act a "tragedy".
I will write this til my fingers turn blue.
A tragedy is when someone dies in a car crash. A tragedy is when a someone has a work-related injury.
A cowardly act of terrorism is not and should never be called a tragedy.
It is an act of war.
Now the one thing is that no one is claiming responsibility. There is a lot of speculation, but nothing concrete at least being leaked and or told to the public.
So at this point we do not know if it was an act of Islamofacist terror, home-grown Islamofacists, domestic terrorists or a lone nut (Thank you Michael Medved for that one!).
But yesterday, well it sure as hell did not stop some "reporters" and or "analysts" from bringing up their most likely suspect(s).
The eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll RIGHT WING in the United States and the Tea Party in particular.
Thanks to this roundup from The Blaze website, you can see the almost immediate need to for one, find who did it immediately and when all else fails, why speculate that it was some right wing group.
I will write this.
Yes, it may end up being that some right-wing extremist did commit this terrorist act.
But hey, what happened to letting an investigation happen before planting a seed in people's mind that it can only be someone from the American far-right?
Our Leftywhore media, well to coin a phrase, they choose to never let a crisis go to waste. Actual reporting, well they leave it to the social media and simply copy it rather than using some good ol' fashioned shoe leather.
Which leads to my obvious gripe with major news events and the endless coverage.
After a while, it is pointless. There is nothing new to report and yet they keep droning on, and on, and on. And thus you get these people basically making stuff up as they go along.
There are things that we can do now.
One, we as a people must be vigilant. We must always be aware of what is around us. Even you you're not certain but suspicious, act on it. As a purveyor of public transportation, I make sure to scope out the people and best access to exits. And always aware of what people have with them.
Two, we can not ever let such actions affect our everyday life. We must and have to go on. And yes, I can not wait to get to the first Dodger game of the season. And I will not worry about what could happen, but be aware again.
Three, no more word games and or political correctness. That means stop referring to these heinous acts as tragedies. THEY ARE CRIMINAL ACTS  AT THE LEAST AND TERRORIST ACTS IN WORST CASE SCENARIO! call it what it is.
Four, be prepared for what ever happens. As I noted, yes, it could end up being a far right wing group and or lone nut. Or it could be Islamofacist terrorists. Or something not even on our radars. In other words, we should not be surprised of what transpires in the investigation.
I leave you with this unfortunate video reminder of what happened yesterday. Monday, April 15, 2013. The Second Boston Massacre.

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