Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And My President Could Not Attend Thatcher Funeral For This Epic Fail?

It is truly amazing and I have to be brutally honest that I am ashamed of my president, the Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama.
Yes, although I did not vote for him and do not support his policies, he is still my president. He is the representative of this Great Land. He is the face of America no matter our politics.
Why am I ashamed?
Because our Dear Leader, President Obama, and the current administration could not find someone of a high level, even the president himself, to attend the funeral of the late British prime minister, Baroness Lady Thatcher.
What did Team Obama do?
Well, they sure as hell did not send any current administration official, like the current secretary of state, John F. Kerry.
But they did find two former SoS's to send.
Former SoS's James Baker and George Schultz led the official American delegation to the just short of state funeral for the former prime minister, known as the Iron Lady.
And hey, to show the importance of the event, they rounded off the delegation with the current charge d' affaires of the United States embassy and a former ambassador to Britain.
OK, so if you think that I am being petty, consider this.
When the Venezuela strong-man Hugo Chavez went to his reward several weeks ago, Team Obama sent also the current charge d' affaires of the United States embassy in Caracas. But they also sent a current Democrat congressman, Gregory Meeks, and a former congressman, William Delahunt.
So, why not send a current member of congress to the Thatcher funeral? Or a couple of members, one from each party?
Because the message is clear.
Team Obama wanted to make nice-nice with Venezuela while Britain, eh not so much.
Since Team Obama came to Washington in 2009, the list of slights to our closest European ally is pretty long.
Another reason that Team Obama could not be bothered with proper protocol for the funeral of a former British prime minister?
Well the full-court press for gun control legislation that was voted on today in the senate.
You know how it did?
Epic. Fail.
The vaunted compromise Manchin-Toomey amendment lost 46-54, six votes short of passage. Which in turn led to defeat of other amendments and the gun control bill will officially be pulled from the senate floor tomorrow. Here is the round up from
OK, the full force of the Obama administration was used again for what? For quite possibly the worst defeat for the administration.
In reality, a quick trip to Britain may have been a good thing.
Again, the priority of the administration was on an issue that maybe four percent of the public believe is a major issue. While most people are still focused on the economy and jobs, Team Obama is focused on. . .gun control.
And a little more diminishment of United States prestige abroad.
Look, no question that this current president and the former prime minister would be, well pretty much opposed to everything each other stood for.
But, one should think that even this administration would have the wherewithal to at the very least send the current SoS, Mr Kerry, to what ends up being a state funeral since Queen Elizabeth herself showed up.
A real coup would have been for the Dear Leader, President Obama, himself to show up. There would not be an issue of security for it was as strong for this as possible considering the local loons that promised trouble.
But, again, this administration has no clue on just about anything.
But hey, it does know how to lose on legislation graciously as the Dear Leader, President Obama, showed here:


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