Friday, September 07, 2012

What An Amazing Democrat Party Convention

All I can say is what an amazing week that it has been for the Democrat party in Charlotte, North Carolina this week.
A truncated Democrat National Convention from four to three days.
A shrillness that I can not believe they think will win over some Republicans and many independents.
A speech from a former president that many wished was running again.
An exercise in letting the world know that the three issues they are running on is unfettered baby-killing (abortion), God-hating (trying to omit any reference to God in the party platform) and Jew-hating (omitting the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. ALL of it.)
Where many people speaking were absurd. No, not bordering, totally absurd.
Let's start from the last sentence and work our way back words.
Last night, before the Dear Leader, President Obama, made his meh nomination acceptance speech, there were two speakers that were beyond over the top.
Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.), who is a true hero for standing up to those that kept Jim Crow laws, written by and enacted and enforced by Democrats,  to the point of true human suffering, made the absurd assertion that if Republicans are elected and if Mitt Romney is elected president, why those days will come roaring back. Part of the reason Rep. Lewis makes the assertion? Because of the move by many states to have voters show photo ID when they vote.
OK, I get that for many on the left, they present this as "voter suppression" for so many that do not have access to government-issued photo IDs are minorities and elderly folks. Which is also absurd considering how many instances in every day life one is asked for their photo ID.
For Rep. Lewis to make the ridiculous claim that voter ID requirements would bring back all that which made the United States bad to itself is absolutely ridiculous. And that is totally shrill.
But for comedy relief, because we need some, here is the former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Bottoms Up Granholm.
What other explanation can there be for such a, well bizarre "speech" on the last day of the DNC confab than she took a visit to a bar along the way?
Besides a lot misinformation and downright lies, Mrs. Granholm just went off half-cocked. Check that. She was fully cocked and just bizarre. I get that her job is to pump the crowd up for the big speech from the Dear Leader, President Obama, but there is getting the crowd excited and looking like an aging rock star that has gone on way, way too long.
And let us not forget that she was the warm-up for our illustrious Vice-President, Dimwit Joe Biden.
So, what is this about baby-killing, God-hating and Jew-hating?
Well, speaker after speaker, after speaker from day one to the Dear Leader, President Obama's acceptance speech made clear that the Democrat party, circa 2012 is all about abortion. It is A-OK from conception to the ninth month if the mom wants because, well it is her body and she has the right to do what she wants with it. And also, we the taxpayers can pay for it too, thanks to Obamacare.
Well, at least many unborn will not have to deal with paying for the mess that the president and the Democrat party has put this nation through with their so-called "new" ideas.
And what is the God-hating?
A little line in the 2012 Democrat party platform omitted any reference to God. The same line did have a God-reference in 2008.
And the Jew-hating?
Again, in the 2012 Democrat party platform failed to even mention that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. All of it. Not just West Jerusalem as it was pre-1967 borders. East, West, North and South.
While there is really nothing one can do about being even marginally pro-life in this Democrat party, at least they could modify the platform to  bring God back in and recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
But this is the Democrat party.
And of course they could not even deal with this in responsible manner.
The convention chair was the one time gang-banger and current mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villar*.
If you thought those speeches were something else, watching this makes one realize that if they can not even get this straightened out right, how in the hell can they run anything?!
Mr. Villar did not realize the first time he brought the question to the delegates to amend the party platform that the "voice vote" was a resounding no. OK, there is a second call of the vote, and at least the yeas were louder. But the nays were just as if not louder. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a 2/3 vote. And it is being done by voice vote. So, Mr. Villar tried it again and it is clear that there is no way there are 2/3 of the delegates voted for the amendments. Yet Mr. Villar pulled the "in the opinion of the chair" crap and deemed it passed and the platform was amended.
Just so the rest of the nation knows, this is how well Mr. Villar has ran Los Angeles into the ground.
So, what about that former president, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton?
No doubt about it, he is the best thing that the modern Democrat party has going for it. After all, he ran twice and won both times. Yes, against a divided Republican party and some dude named Ross Perot. But he did serve eight years. And he can say he had some successes including the all important welfare reform that he ran on and got because the Republicans controlled congress for six of his eight years.
But come on. Most of those whooping it up wished that he was able to run again. Not the current occupant of the White House, President Obama.
That is really sad. I get the feeling that when Mr. Clinton goes off to the glory, the Dems will dig up his body and plant it in the middle of the convention hall to remind Dems what a successful Democrat was like.
And why a truncated three-day affair? And what about the big stadium speech a la Denver 2008?
Well, the dirty secret is that the Democrat party is broke. A lot of events had to be scaled back. And the stadium speech at the Bank of America stadium? Well, the potential of bad weather seems to be the story. Most observers believe that there were not enough people to fill the 74,000-seat home of the NFL's Carolina Panthers. And one thing Team Dear Leader hates it is bad optics. And empty seats, that is a really bad optic.
This whole train wreck is not good news for the Dear Leader, President Obama.Yes, Gallup gave a bump to 52% for the prez. But lets face it. It is on the back of Mr. Clinton's much better sidewinder speech Wednesday night.
Reality set in today with the latest unemployment figures. It is a stark reminder to many of us the fact this president has not done a very good job. This is just one facet of it. The list is long and multi-post worthy.
Bottom line is that the 2012 Democrat National Convention was a train-wreck that may be so much fodder to Team Romney that by next week at this time, we will be back to an even race or even a Romney lead.
Sad for the world's oldest political party to be in this state.

*-Villar. Antonio Villar when he married merged his wife's last name, Raigoza and his, Villar. Villaraigoza. But since he could not keep himself loyal to the wife, they are now divorced and he should be referred to as Villar. He is here.

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