Sunday, September 23, 2012

These Are Some Things That Mitt Romney Should Be Saying

OK, maybe not all at once. And what I am starting with should be what he says at the first debate with the Worthless Leader, President Obama.

"Hello, I am Mitt Romney. I am the Republican party nominee for president of the United States.
One of the very things that the opposition loves to point out is that I am a rich man.
Well, they are right.
I am a rich man. Yes, I have earned all of that money that has made me be able to give a comfortable life for my wife and the next First Lady of the United States, Ann, and my five children.
It is true that we have never been poor or even having to struggle to pay our bills. Nor has my opponent.
But in traveling this great nation in this campaign, I have seen and heard the countless struggles that many poor people have. That many who were once employed in good paying jobs are no longer. That the safety net is precipitously close to collapse. That we are a more divided nation than ever in most of our lifetimes.
It is one of the reasons that I am running for president.
Yes, although I do not like to talk about it, some of what I have been able to do because of money that I earned is help many people that had nowhere else to turn. I will not mention any one case in particular. So as a businessman, a group of us started a unique business that was able to provide people with capital who had great business ideas. Thus, Bain Capital helped with getting some well known companies off the ground, such as Sports Authority and Staples. But because sometimes even the best models do not pan out, we had some failures as well.
It is that experience that I believe make me the candidate for president that can solve the problems that I highlighted. "

OK, for one, embrace that you are a wealthy man, Mr. Romney. There is not a thing wrong with that sir for you earned that money. You are not some gangster or gunrunner or something like that.
The debate is the perfect setting for you to get that out to the audience. More people will watch the debates than did both the conventions.
And please, do not try to pretend to be something you are or never have been.
Mr. Romney, you have lived a comfortable life and again, there is nothing wrong with that. You have been a great provider for your family.
But, you have been exposed to people who are not of means. You have been exposed to people that have struggled. It is because you have the financial means in many cases that you have been able to help struggling people. It is a big part of why you are running for president in the first place.
In other words, take those personal experiences and make them writ large. Point out that you have seen the kind of bad things this economy hath wrought and explain that you do understand. That you want to give these people the ability to change their lives. Not thought some black hole of a government program but making the economy so strong that employers will come begging for them.
Mr. Romney, tell the truth. That we are so much more divided than ever. That you are not a divider but one that does want to make this one nation, under God. That while there are always political differences, they should not be poisonous as they are now.
And discuss exactly what Bain Capital is all about.
That it can and has had some amazing successes. That you and some others came together with a different way to help get businesses going. That while the two that you like to tout, Sports Authority and Staples, are large and employ over 100,000 people combined, there are many others that you have not heard of. In other words, introduce Americans to the lesser known companies that Bain Capital helped get off the ground and how they are doing today.
But he must be fair and candid and admit that there have been some failures. For it is the real world. And sometimes in that real world, things do not work out.
Mitt Romney is one of the most qualified people to run for president in my lifetime. Mr. Romney has much more experience than does the Worthless Leader, President Obama. In government and the private sector. Mr. Romney has done something as a businessman that the Worthless Leader, President Obama, has never done.
Create a job.
No, check that.
Thousands and thousands of jobs.
He has run a business and a state.
There is not one reason to run away from any of that.
Don't run from your earned wealth. Don't run away from being able to get people jobs through that earned wealth. Don't run away from the fact that you have been able to help many people in personal ways. It shows your compassion and humanity. Don't run away from Bain Capital and the successes and failures. And let us know that there are successes we have never heard of. The small businesses that we know are the backbone of the American economy.
Mitt, can I call you Mitt? It is time to play smash mouth politics. No more around the edges. Take to the offense. Put the Team Worthless Leader on defense.
Because they are the problem. You, Mitt, are the solution. But you have to explain that solution in a way that will connect with a lot of people. Tell the campaign consultant types that this is how I want to get my story out to the American people.
I think that a lot will embrace that more than the consultants think or know.
Mitt. it is time to say some things why you will make a better president than the current occupant of the White House.
Glad I can help.

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