Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey Obama Fence Sitters, "WAKE THE F--- UP, AMERICA!"

Do you not love the way our political discourse has become so, what is the word, oh yeah, ghetto? What with this wonderful web-ad with an actor that I actually like-as and actor-Samuel L. Jackson?
I mean, really, is this meant to be a real way to gain back those that were fooled by the Worthless Leader, President Obama?
Is it a good thing to use a clearly tween girl to shill for the Worthless Leader, President Obama? And is it really a good thing that she is the one that ends the linked web ad with these stirring words:


Not only is it not an ad that one would ever see on television, not even basic cable/satellite, but it is the use of the young girl that is most disturbing.
Somethings to get out of the way.
One, again, I think that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the great actors in Hollywood today. And yes, I know that he is a huge supporter of the Worthless Leader, President Obama. And if the ad was just him, it would actually be funny.
Two, before the race card is thrown out there in the usual cheap manner that the Obamawhores do nowadays, I don't care that Mr. Jackson is black or not. It could have been any White or non-Black actor. Actually, I think that George Lopez could have pulled it off pretty well. Ghetto is ghetto. It is low-brow. It is not particularly stirring but disturbing to see what politics have become in these United States.
What bothers me is the little girl being used and actually doing what the left always seems to decry.
Lowering the bar and ratcheting up the noise.
In this case with that ever second baddest of words.
The F--- word.
This Christmas season, you should watch A Christmas Story, one of the greatest Christmas movies ever.
In the movie, Ralphie and family are coming back from the annual getting of the Christmas tree. A tire on the car blows out. The dad is changing it when the mom suggests to Ralphie to go out and help his dad for the first time. As it progresses, Ralphie is holding a hub-cap upside down with four nuts and bolts as the dad bumps into him and it goes flying in the air. Ralphie utters the f-word. But here how the narrator puts it. "Only he did not say fudge. He said the mother of all bad words" and so on. When dad got back in the car and told mom what he said, she shrieked. When they got home, he got a beating and a mouthful of soap.
I could only think of my older brothers and sisters getting the same soap treatment because they did. And are all alive to talk about it.
The point being that bad language was not encouraged the way that it is now.
The one-time seven words you can not say on televison are creeping their way in slowly but surely.
FTR, I am NOT a prude.
Get me watching a game, oh like the Stanley Cup finals last year, and I can drop f-bombs like a hydrogen bomb. But that is in the privacy of my own home.
Another thing is that I always try not to swear in front of my stepson. When Mrs. RVFTLC and I met, he was just entering high school. And I just think that if parents don't want their kids cussing a storm, we should not set a bad example.
But really, if you watched the ad, did it not bother you that a very little girls ends up excoriating her family, her grandparents and her neighbors' to WAKE THE F--- UP! ?
It does me.
It is teaching a youngster that when all else fails in any discussion, go for the guttural and just say or do something outrageous. It is teaching a youngster that it is OK to show disrespect for your parents, your grandparents and your neighbors. That it is cool to swear when you are trying to save the United States from, in this case, the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll Mitt Romney. I mean come on. The dude is Snidely Whiplash without the top-hat and handle-bar moustache. Then, then it is cool to scream WAKE THE F--- UP!
So, we wonder why young people today show with ease no fear in adults and authority. Maybe running a cheesy web-ad like this, with a little girl reduced to screaming at all, well you already know what she is screaming.
Psst, a little secret.
Children are not adults. Especially at certain ages, they are cute and all that, but when they are not guided by parents into knowing what is right and what is wrong, we end up with kids like this.
I am not saying that if she is genuinely concerned about issues that she should not speak with her parents or whoever. But realize that there is a right way and a wrong way. Reducing to swearing and yelling, it is the wrong way.
One other thing is that this is NOT an approved ad from Team Worthless Leader. It is an ad by a leftist Super PAC, the Jewish Council for Education & Research. It is nothing more than a shill front for Team Worthless Leader. And this is not the first time they have put out some controversial web-ads.
And trust me dear readers, this "organization" does not speak for all Jews.
This is another chapter in lowering the level of political debate in the United States. It will not get any coverage in Obamawhore media land. And surprisingly it is not getting as much coverage here in the blogosphere as it should.
But next time your liberal or middle-of-the-road friend laments about the political discourse, maybe you ought to steer them here or have them watch the ad and explain why that is OK.

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