Saturday, September 01, 2012

The 2012 Election Is THIS Close

No really, it is very close and when you compare it to four years ago today, it is an ominous sign for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Look at this link at Real Clear Politics and tell me that this is not close?
It is all the current polls averaged out and the Dear Leader, President Obama, is essentially tied with the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. All that separates them is a measly 0.5 percent. And that is the margin of error so yes, the Dear Leader, President Obama, could really be ahead about 3.5%. Or Mitt Romney could be ahead by the same 3.5%.
And compared to 2008, then Sen. Messiah Barack was ahead of then GOP nominee Sen. John "F--- You" McCain by a 4.5% margin. Essentially a full percent north of the margin of error.
Both elections at this time had about eight percent of voters that were undecided.
I guess that is what the two candidates are essentially fighting over.
Eight percent of the national electorate.
Here is something else interesting.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, had an average of support last election on this day of 48.8% of those polled. This time around it has dropped to 46.4. Or to put it another way of rounding, the Dear Leader, President Obama, has gone from 49% to 46%, a three-percent drop.
On the other hand, four years ago on this day, Sen. "F--- You" McCain had 44.3% of those polled. Mr. Romney now has 45.9% of those polled. That is about a two-point improvement and has drawn the two men even at this point.
So, why is this not a blowout one way or the other?
If you believe that things are better in the United States and attribute that to the Dear Leader, President Obama, then he should be far ahead, right?
If you believe that things are worse in the United States and attribute that to the Dear Leader, President Obama, then Mitt Romney should be far ahead, right?
So, what gives?
One theory that I have is probably controversial, but I believe true.
Because the Leftywhore media has deemed any and all opposition to the Dear Leader, President Obama as raaaaacist, there is probably about a three to five percent of people that will not answer the basic poll question, who would you vote for as president.
To expand on that, I do not think that was nearly as much the case in 2008.
The majority of people, yes myself included, wanted the president to succeed. There was a real excitement of the possibility of the first Black president. Sen. Messiah Barack just seemed different. He did not come off to a lot of people as someone really annoying like so many other Black politicians. Many people believed that he could bring people together and do great things.
But really, that is no longer the case.
And now that he is on the verge of losing this election, for the reason that I stated above, that things are worse, he is flailing like a over aged boxer not realizing that his career is over.
And it is not pretty.
But people that are not raaaaacist are being accused of it at a blistering pace.
Even though polling is like an election itself, private, still there is something of feeling stigmatized even with a simple question.
Having said that, I do believe that the polls are essentially the margin of error and it is really as close as it gets.
That is why no one can or should take anything for granted. Especially Republicans.

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