Saturday, September 08, 2012

I Do Not Want To Love A President As Much As I Do Want To Respect A President

Now that the conventions are over, the real campaign finally begins in Presidential Death March 2012.
But a little snippet of our Dear Leader, President Obama, is illustrative of a very fundamental difference between most conservatives and most liberals.
Liberals want to be loved.
Conservatives want to be respected.
Now, it is not to say that a little of both is a bad thing. Actually it is what I think most people do believe even if is not the reality.
So in the snippet, a member of the assembled audience listening to the Dear Leader, President Obama, shouts "We love you, Obama!" to which he shouts back, "I love you back. But let me tell you the fourth thing -- you’ll love me even more. (Laughter.)"
Now I know one thinks that it is innocuous from both.
But not really.
For the liberal it is all about self-worth. And an insatiable need to be loved. And they do not understand when somebody or people do not love and or like somebody.
A few of my Facebook friends were writing about this during the just concluded Democrat National Convention. Feel the love. See the love. Sense the love. And so on.
Who cares? Is it that important to be loved by all?
No, not in the least.
One of the aspects of this self-love fest is in foreign policy.
One of the constant complaints about foreign affairs is that when a Republican is president, the world does not love us.
When a liberal is, the world loves us.
However, that is a total fallacy.
See, what the liberal is talking about are governments that do not like or even love us. Many of these governments have sycophantic people that either back up that position or in real hardcore dictatorships back the government out of fear for their lives.
So, it is true that maybe the last Republican president, George W. Bush, faced protests and visceral personal hate from said protesters and even governments. But what about the average person in these nations? Do they hate us? No, not at all. They love the United States and what it stands for if they had a chance, they would come here in a nano-second.
And yes, in the days even before Barack Obama became president, the world loved him. Of course these are people who would agree with his point of view in the first place. And they are on the left. And they need to emote. And they did.
Maybe Mr. Bush 43 was not loved, but he was respected. Because unlike the leader seeking self-gratification, Mr. Bush did have a set of beliefs that he stuck to. One did not have to like them, but they had to be respected.
That is what people should be looking for first and foremost in any kind of leader.
And what I have seen in the past three-plus years is a love-fest in regards to the Dear Leader, President Obama, and little if any respect.
Or let me speak personally here.
If you read this blog and totally disagree with it, fine. I have no problem with that. I hope that you would at the very least respect the point of view I present. And really, one does not have to do that. And again I have no problem with that. I do have only one problem and that is if one chooses to be nasty and hateful. I do not tolerate that. Nor do I respect that. The fact is that I know I am not liked and or loved by everybody. And I just do not seek that.
But many liberal people I know just do not understand that whole concept. To them it is all love and nothing else.
But that is a two-way street.
The one that truly seeks to be loved by all must love all as well.
And then reality smacks them in the face. And they crawl into a corner and sulk. Thus they seek no respect and get none. Nor are they all that loved in the end.
But as far as a president goes, I expect that person to be respected at home and abroad. I don't need to love that person at all. Thus I can write that as time goes on, I have developed a certain respect for the former president, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. And I even kind of sort of like the guy in a weird way.
No, when I hear people say they love any president, and that president shouts back that you'll love me more because of, laundry list here, there is a narcissism about that I find disturbing. And it is a marked difference between a conservative and a liberal.
Love vs. respect. What do you seek?

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