Saturday, July 21, 2012

Massacre In Colorado

Last evening at this time, there were a lot of people in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado watching the latest installment of the Batman trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises," when a man went on a systematic murderous rampage that as of this writing killed 12 and wounded 58.
Before I continue, let me get something off my chest.
For those involved in this heinous act of violence, yes it is a tragedy. But the rest of us must look at what the accused gunman, 24 year-old James Holmes, as nothing but a criminal. Oh yes, probably it will come out a sociopath. But according to reports, Mr. Holmes is a damn smart one at that. But make no mistake. To start by referring to the event as a tragedy is to compare to a plane crash. Or an earthquake. Or a fire. Something that is unintentional, what we call in many cases an "Act of God". This Holmes fellow, he planned this crime. This is way to sophisticated to just be a case of someone just snapping one night. So please, this is a vicious crime and yes, it is evil. I will not refer to it as anything less.
One other thing is that reporting on these events has to not be sloppy and there should not be a damn agenda by so-called legacy media. Here, it is either referred to as the Leftywhore media.
Why am I upset?
Because of the "reporting" of Brian Ross of ABC news.
Mr. Ross went on the air with former Bill Clinton lackey George Stephanopolous to "report" that there is a James Holmes that is a member of a Colorado Tea Party group. Well, too bad that Mr. Ross was, to quote a fictional baseball announcer Harry Doyle from the movie Major League, "Just a little outside". In fact, waaay outside. The Mr. Holmes in question is a 52-year-old Hispanic man. And he is almost double the age of the actual suspect. Eventually ABC news was forced to issue a retraction.
And here is the statement from the ABC news website:

Editor's Note: An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect. ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.

And it should have never gone down that road to begin with.
What if James Holmes could have been tied with the so-called Occupy movement? Does anyone thing that Mr. Ross would have gone of television breathlessly saying that Mr. Holmes was active in the Occupy movement?
Or what if it was not a White guy named James Holmes but a Middle-Eastern looking dude, oh I don't know, how about Mohammed Habbib? And what if based on that little, he could have been tied to Islamofacsist terror? Again, would Mr. Ross gone on the air with that information, tenuous at best.
HELL FRICKIN NO! And no on both counts. Because we have to be careful when it comes to the Occupy movement and we can not assume that anyone could do such a crime that is of Middle-Eastern origin.
When is the Leftywhore, legacy media going to not speculate but report facts as they are known? If you do not know for a fact that a suspect is part of any group, why the hell go on the air with such speculation with not one iota of fact to back it up?
There. This part of a rant is over.
There are so many layers to this story that this will go on for quite a long time.
There is the event itself.
How did this dude, Holmes, enter the particular theatre from an emergency exit?
Why were there very, very young children at this midnight premiere in the first place? A four-month old baby? A six-year old? What the hell kind of parents are this selfish that they would drag babies and very little kids to a midnight movie show?
Two aspects of the first-responders, the Aurora police.
One, the bravery that they took to quickly ascertain the situation and not wait for medical first responders. Many police officers gathered the wounded and took them to area hospitals. Who knows how many lives were saved because the police acted the way they did?
The second is the professional way that they showed absolute restraint in letting Mr. Holmes surrender to them.
What I am about to write maybe controversial, but it is what I am feeling about people that commit these evil acts and eventually get a stage to spout off their "reasons" for doing the act.
I do not think the overwhelming majority of Americans would have been upset if the police simply shot and killed Mr. Holmes right then and there. They could have said that he threatened them. Something. The only people that probably would be upset are the usual suspects. The ACLU crowd and some bloggers that value the life of scum over those that they kill for no reason.
I can only ask you to look at the case of the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Brevik. Since Norway has nothing in their criminal code for his act of terrorism, he may be confined to a mental institution for a grand total of 21 years. Now, more than likely he will be confined longer than the 21 year max because his freedom will be based on his ability to prove that he is not nuts. But I would not be all that surprised if he did get out in less than 21 years.
Another layer is how social media was used by the victims as they were evacuating the movie house. I for one would not be thinking do that, but some did. It gave a birds-eye view of terrorism.
And as always the outpouring of righteous grief and support to the victims, their families and the community that is Aurora, Colorado.
Both President Obama and the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, Mitt Romney gave excellent remarks about the tragedy. And hey, on this no one better dump on President Obama for having a moment thinking about his own daughters, Malia and Sasha, and if they were in something horrific like that. He is a good dad and husband. Both men spoke from the heart. And that is what I want in situations like this. Though I pretty much loathe politicos giving comments in such situations, if they have to, both men did a great job.
There is a lot of time for the investigations, the obvious finger-pointing, the calls for gun control, the whole politics of this massacre. But for now, we must let these people bury their dead and the community of Aurora, Colorado grieve and begin the process of getting their shattered lives back together as much as possible.

Bloggers note.
I started this on early this morning. However I was having computer problems and figured that about 1 am is a good time to hit the sack. And I had other obligations today before finishing this post.

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