Friday, July 27, 2012

Say, Isn't Chik-fil-a A Private Company? And You DON'T Have To Eat There, Right?

Is it not rich that when a company does not follow the Politically Correct dogma and they are open about it, the PC crowd goes bat ape crazy about it?
Well, the president of the chicken sandwich restaurant chain, Chik-fil-a, Dan Cathy, stepped in it last week in an interview with two different outlets and came out of the closet.
As a conservative.
As a Christian.
And a defender of and supporter of traditional marriage. That of one man and one woman.
Well, it is not that it has been a secret that Chik-fil-a is a company that is headed by conservative Christians. But Mr. Cathy has decided to throw caution to the wind and speak out on the subject of traditional marriage.
And oh boy, the homosexual rights crowd, well they are just going ballistic. And right on cue, some sycophantic Democrat pols are saying how terrible it is and even threatening to not let Chik-fil-a open up in their cities.
Why even the mayor of that peaceful, very little crime and murder tottlin' town of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, said that Chik-fil-a is NOT welcome. Mr. Emmanuel even went so far as to say that Chik-fil-a does not have "Chicago values". Please, do not upchuck that chicken sandwich that you may be enjoying right now. Really, how insulting is that? Oh, and this dude, "Minister" Calypso Louis Farrakhan has the right "Chicago values".  I believe that "Minister" Farrakhan is as much an opponent of same-sex marriage as is Mr. Cathy. So I ask the obvious question. What is the difference between the two men? One is nothing but a loud-mouth, racist, anti-Semite. The other is a devout Christian businessman who actually employs people and makes communities a better place. But I guess in Mr. Emmanuel's sorry world that is Chicago, you need the best connection to the criminals to make them stop with the killing that makes Chi-town number one in something. Murders.
Let me get something straight. No pun intended.
I shop at many places that, quite frankly, do not share what I believe in or my world view. In a recent post in which I wrote about large coffee house chains, I expressed that I purchase from the three large ones in So Cal. And slightly lamented that there is not a chain, or even one, place called Righty Coffee. The point of that post indirectly ties in right here.
I have never been to a Chik-fil-a restaurant. For one, the nearest one is about 50 miles in Rancho Cucamonga. And unless I have a reason to be there, I won't make a special drive to partake in the chicken sandwich. I did not know much about Chik-fil-a until this kerfuffle. I figured that it probably faced similar backlash as another food institution with Southern roots, Cracker Barrel.
Here is something interesting about a well-known hamburger chain in So Cal, In-n-Out burgers.
If you look very closely below at the bottom of the cup, there is this:
John 3:16

Now I do not think that is all that subtle since it directs the person interested to the most famous verse in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.
And on the package of fries is an obscure passage from the Old Testament book of Nahum.
It is a little hard to see, but it directs the person to Nahum 1:7,
What, wait a minute? These people are, are putting biblical passages on their product! HOW DARE THEY! Why, I bet they are, are OH NOES! Eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll traditional, OH NO! Conservative Christians!
But hey, they must not be as Christian as Chik-fil-a. For In-n-Out is open on Sundays. Chik-fil-a loses a boatload of cash because they are actually closed on Sunday. And that is truly amazing in this day and age.
So, why do we not hear of their view on marriage? Because they choose not to. Simple as that.
It leads to the point of this post.
No one is forcing anyone to partake of Chik-fil-a. I do not think that Mr. Cathy is pulling people at gunpoint off the street to pony up to any of his restaurants. Same for In-n-Out. Same for Starbucks.
You see, that is the beauty of the free enterprise system. That it offers choice. If you want to partake of a business that shares many of your values, you can. And FTR, Chik-fil-a does not discriminate in service of hiring practices. I am absolutely certain that there are homosexuals working at many Chik-fil-a restaurants.
Because the CEO of the company was discussing the role of traditional marriage and the dangers, as he sees it, in the encroachment of same-sex marriage, he and a good chain are now in the cross hairs of the biggest bully class there is.
Left-wing homosexual activists.
In their world, once can not have an opinion or something that deviates from their scorched-earth policy of forcing "acceptance" every and anywhere.
I would like to ask all that buckle to these activists if they really have a change of heart or tire of the harassment and threatening nature of these "activists"
It is what leads to hysteria, lies and misstatements about Chik-fil-a and any other company that is led by conservative Americans.
Again, it is a choice. You do not have to eat there. Or shop there. Whatever. Because in the real world, we all find business that are led by people and ideology we may not like.
Chik-fil-a is a private company. It's leadership are devoted and devout Christians and have a strong point of view that one may not like. Just as I do not like Starbucks for that as they are on the left. But both companies, from what I know, provide excellent products and great customer service. And people seem to like working for both. And Chik-fil-a is not going to change. Again, this establishment is closed on Sundays. Rather than force them to change, find a place more reflective of your values.
That is one of the hallmarks of the United States.
That in many aspects of our life, we still have choice.


Amy said...

Non-Christians and people on the left can be so maddeningly hypocritical about how "open minded" they really are. This is almost so obvious it ought to go without saying, but I remember George Orwell: “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

Sierra Trading Post is another company that publicly states the Christian orientation of the management.

"We Believe our business ethics must be consistent with the faith of the owners in Jesus Christ and His teachings."

Anonymous said...

Faith is one thing, and while I think it is absurd, some people find it inspiring.

Chik-fil-a's blatant bigotry; by explicitly donating to causes to undermine certain human being's rights, are another.

I'm sure if an establishment actively donated to organizations to undermine heterosexual rights, people would be "up in arms" too.

Righty64 said...

There is no constitutional right to marriage. It is not a "Human right" but a recent development as we have all had to deal with homosexuality and the evolving understanding of it.
Again, I know that I purchase from companies that I do not agree with and in fact do go against my values.
But let me ask you this Anon.
Do you really believe that all the "gay friendly" companies, etc. are REALLY "gay friendly" or just doing so for other reasons? Like getting the special interest groups and the government off their backs?
And please if you comment, leave your name.

Will S. said...

Though I must say, not only am I saddened by In-N-Out burger's being open on Sunday, but I think someone who eats this burger of theirs is guilty of gluttony, a sin...

Will S. said...

But I'd still eat there and at Chick-fil-A, at least once, to support them.