Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is Condi Rice Mitt's Veep Choice?

Well according to Matt Drudge, former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice is the front runner to be asked to be Mitt Romney's choice to be his vice-presidential running mate.
Before one thinks that this is the Gospel, I do advise one to read this from John Tabin over at The American Spectator.
Well, if you read it, whatever happened to Vice-President Frank Keating? Oh yeah, George W. Bush did not ask him to be his running mate in 2000.
Hey, how is Vice-President Evan Bayh doin'?
Oops! My bad! I'm sorry I mean Joe the Brain Surgeon Biden, the current vice-president.
Well, Mr. Drudge apparently had info that former Indiana Democrat Senator Bayh was the choice of then Sen. Messiah Barack for the veep spot.
Let me explain to ye what this is all about.
It is a trail balloon.
The Romney campaign is putting it out there to see how it would sell to the public.
Would Republicans be down with her as the veep? Would the base and conservative Republicans be OK with Condi as veep? How would she be looked at by independent voters? What about her non-experience in elected politics?
There is a lot more, but that is the top of the thoughts on this trial balloon.
Miss Rice has said repeatedly that she is not interested in the job and that in fact and indeed Team Romney should look someplace else.
Now, if Team Romney is looking at a potential Rice nomination as a panderama, it would succeed on two fronts.
One, the obvious is that she is a woman.
Two, she is Black.
As I believe the current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton once said about electing her philanderin husband, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, with him you get two for the price of one.
See, there it is. A Black woman.
How dare the Democrats try to rip that one, right?!
Please, remember folks, we are talking about the Democrat party here. And the Democrat party led by Chicago thugs. They will do and say anything at this point, hoping something would stick.
There are actually more down and ups choosing Miss Rice as the veep.
I already mentioned one and that is her never running or winning elected office. Another is that she herself is not all clear on the so-called social issues. Although she claims to be pro-choice on abortion, it is not really clear that she is a radical pro-choicer or one that can articulate a clear position on the subject. And what about the whole panoply of domestic issues? What does she stand on Obamacare? Taxes?
See, I actually think that this would not be a good choice because while Miss Rice is great on foreign policy, she is almost a blank slate on everything else. Miss Rice could look like, well the Dear Leader, President Obama. Getting on the job training.
I think that it will not be Miss Rice, but Team Romney is putting it out there to gin-up interest in the campaign.
I still think that the dark horse is Rick Santorum. But another one that is a potential surprise to some would be the South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley. One thing to her advantage is that she ran in one of the nastiest Republican campaigns in 2010 and a just as nasty general election campaign which she won. Mrs. Haley is one that Mr. Romney endorsed for governor quickly in the 2012 election cycle and also gained the endorsement of Sarah Palin.
How is that for GOP unity?
So, maybe this time Drudge has it right and Mr. Romney will ask a reluctant Miss Rice to come to serve her nation one more time as potential vice-president. Or maybe it is the big summer trial balloon. I am on the side of the trial balloon.

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