Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt, Do NOT Take Election Advice From Sen. McCain

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt!!!
I beg and plead with you, the Republican presumptive presidential nominee! I beseech thee!
Remember folks, when Sen. "F--- You" McCain was the Republican presidential nominee how well he did against the current occupier of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama?
Well, I think that the above paragraph does tend to say it all, does it not?
But that does not mean Sen. "F--- You" McCain and his lap dog Sen. Lindsey Goober Graham did not offer him "advice" anyhow.
According to this article, Sens. "F--- You" McCain and Goober Graham decided to offer an "Intervention" on Mitt Romney's stand on illegal immigration and what to do about it.
Uh, this is the same Sen. "F--- You" McCain that, in 2010, had to run to the right of illegal alien candidate J. D. Hayworth just to secure the Arizona Republican senate nomination for his 800th term as the senior senator.
Understand that Sens. "F--- You" McCain and Goober Graham have been the leading Republicans in the senate that would grant amnesty to those illegal aliens already here in  the United States. Way back in 2007, these jokers were so desperate that they were trying every trick in the legislative book to get passage of so-called comprehensive immigration "reform".
These two clowns are and always have been for amnesty for illegal aliens. The overwhelming majority are from Mexico and other parts of Central and South America. As such, it is pandering in the nth degree.
Sens. "F--- You" McCain and Goober Graham somehow believe that if Republicans soften up and just let these folks stay in the United States and eventually become citizens, why they will not forget us Republicans and hence give us a permanent majority.
Yup, just as they did in 1986 when at least then President Ronald Reagan called it what it was, amnesty.
Gee, I think that there has not been an election since then in which the majority of Hispanics have voted for a Republican presidential candidate. The high-water mark is supposedly 44% for then President George W. Bush in 2004.
The bottom line is that going down that same road again is a recipe for disaster for the Republican party.
And Mitt Romney should not accept ANY advice from two of the biggest loser in the Republican party today.
Yup, just ask that President McCain fellow.

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