Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is The Latest Bain Capital Attack On Mitt Romney The Left's Birther Moment?

OK, I start this with an admission. That I am NOT an expert about the latest kerfuffle in the 2012 presidential campaign between the Democrat, the Dear Leader, President Obama, and the presumptive Republican, Mitt Romney.
What I believe this is about is whether or not Mr. Romney was really still in charge and actively involved in day-to-day affairs with Bain Capital when he left the company he helped found in 1999 to beginning his tenure as the CEO of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics organizing committee. This recent article in the Boston Globe, not exactly a Mitt-friendly fish-wrap, seems to have set the left and even Team Dear Leader itself in a titter.
Now, we've got him! See, he WAS still with Bain Capital as it was outsourcing jobs! And he has lied about it too!
This is why Team Dear Leader has been hammering away at Mr. Romney about his time with Bain. That if he was just on a leave of absence, then he was still involved in someway with Bain when it was investing in companies that were "outsourcing" jobs that were in the United States to other nations.
The Globe article itself seems to have some contradictions about the extent of Mr. Romney's potential tenure at Bain beyond February 11, 1999. That is when he left Bain and became the full time SLCWO CEO.
And that is making what would seem to be something nefarious into more of a lot about nothing.
I think that this is going to prove to be the left wing version of the so-called Birther movement.
It started out, by sheer coinkidink, as part of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2007. And it continued long after she was defeated for the Democrat presidential nod in 2008 and up to this day. And even after the Dear Leader, President Obama finally got all the political mileage he thought he could get out of it, he produced the Hawai'ian birth certificate. And that is not enough. And it has strayed from a simple potential constitutional crisis-one HAS to be born in the United States to be eligible to be a president-to way too much minutia to be taken with any amount of seriousness.
That is where this potential is heading.
While there maybe some thing about the fact Mr. Romney was listed as “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president”. until 2002, one has to read this to realize that it may be more a formality than he was really running the company and saving the Salt Lake Olympics from bankruptcy:

“Due to the sudden nature of Mr. Romney’s departure, he remained the sole stockholder for a time while formal ownership was being documented and transferred to the group of partners who took over management of the firm in 1999,” Bain Capital said in a statement Thursday. “Accordingly, Mr. Romney was reported in various capacities on SEC filings during this period.”

The above is taken directly from The Globe story. And also in the story, the above was accurate according to Also, there are many supporters of the Dear Leader, President Obama, who are currently with Bain that say Mr. Romney did leave the company in 1999 and that it was a paperwork nightmare to cut all his ties to the company. The thrust of it is here at courtesy of Captain Ed Morrrissey.
A real scandal, especially a political one, usually is exacerbated by a cover up. Ask the late Richard Nixon. Or if you want a living former president, maybe William Jefferson Blythe Clinton will do.
But there does not seem to be as much a cover up as a very confusing set of circumstances. None indicate that Mr. Romney was someone sitting in the Bain Capital headquarters, growing a Snidely Whiplash moustache, twirling it around at the thought of outsourcing American jobs. Or really anything else connected with the day-to-day running of the company.
Thus I think that Team Dear Leader, courtesy of a ever so slight hit piece by The Boston Globe, is not on to much of anything.
That if it does continue, with no results, it starts to look like the left has found its Birther movement.

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