Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wanna Know A BIG Difference Between McCain And Romney?

Well, my friends, there are a lot of differences between the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Sen John "F--- You" McCain and the presumptive 2012 Republican standard-bearer, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.
But for all the differences, it comes down to a word and a phrase.
The word is money. The phrase is that one wants to win, the other wanted to run a "respectful" campaign against then Sen. Messiah Barack.
Let's start from the phrase.
I'll put it blunter.
One is a winner and one a loser.
Back in 2008, when there was a lot of information out there about then Sen. Messiah Barack. From the relationship between then Sen. Messiah Barack and his former pastor, the "Rev." Jeremiah Wright. And his relationship with an obscure yet important local Chicago fringe left-wing group known as The New Party. A group that Sen. Messiah Barack thought so important that he actively sought it's support for his run for the Illinois state senate.
Yet there was Sen. "F--- You" McCain not using any of the obvious issues to his advantage. No, no, no. Sen. "F--- You" McCain kept saying that he wanted to run a "respectful" campaign and hoped that then Sen. Messiah Barack would do the same.
Sorry to have a loud laugh here, but we see how well that worked out.
Think that Gov. Romney is going to do the same thing?
Not a chance!
Gov. Romney is going to leave the "Rev." Wright saga alone lest allow the Obamiacs another chance to denigrate his being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
But on anything else, anything goes.
Recently, the White House advisor and Svengali, David Axelrod, was trying to rally the troops in Boston of all places. Well, there were a slew of Gov. Romney's supporters shouting down the White House tool. And while Mr. Axelrod did finish his comments, he was clearly rattled.
Now, if this had been 2008, Sen. "F--- You" McCain would have been condemning. . .his supporters and not supporting the thrust of their message. Gov. Romney could not care any less.
Thinking that somehow the other side is going to play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules is a sign of a loser. Period.
Sen. "F--- You" McCain seemed to think that and lost. Gov. Romney does not worry about such things. He wants to win. And he understands that supporters get a little excitable and will do such things. Since that does happen to him from the Obamiacs. It is part of the game, folks.
And now the totally glaring difference is in the money chase.
Sen. "F--- You" McCain could not raise money to save his campaign. And it showed. And once he had informally wrapped up the Republican presidential nod in 2008, he made a fatal choice of taking federal matching funds. By doing so he completely limited any serious fundraising to keep up with the Obama Machine.
So, what about Gov. Romney? Is he going to take the federal matching funds?
Once again, sorry for the laugh but are you kidding?
Once again, Gov. Romney understands the stakes and wants to win the presidency.
Here is a startling statistic, courtesy of The Race For 2012.
During the month of June, the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his team fund raised $71,000,000. Team Romney? How about a cool $106,100,000? Yup, Team Romney whooped Team Dear Leader, President Obama, by $35,0000,000.
Let's compare the 2008 candidates to today.
Then Sen. Messiah Barack had raised $74,000,000. Pretty good for an unknown who somehow easily defeated the Democrat establishment favorite, Sen. Hilary Clinton.
And how much did Sen. "F--- You" McCain raise in the same period? A respectable $48,000,000.
But because he just did not get it that you have to raise money to win, Sen. "F--- You" McCain opted to accept $84,000,000 in public financing and restrictions that went with it. In the end, Sen. Messiah Barack raised a cool $778,642,962, or an average of $10.94 per vote. Sen. "F--- You" McCain? He ended up raising $383,913,834, or $5.97 a vote and lost the election by about nine and a half million votes nationwide.
Now, in Sen. "F--- You" McCain's minimal defense, he was trying to keep the White House in GOP hands with an economic meltdown and finally nearing the end of eight years of George W. Bush and his presidency.
But still, had he ran a better campaign, he could have very well won and be running for reelection.
Gov. Romney is showing Republicans a quite different candidate this cycle. One that realizes the current occupant of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama, is taking this nation down the toilet. And that it will take money and will to defeat Team Dear Leader.
That is the difference between Sen. John "F--- You" McCain and Gov. Mitt Romney.

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Curt Marsden said...

You undermine your entire argument by using "Sen. Messiah Barack". I don't care who the candidate is, or what your political affiliation is. If you can't demonstrate the basic respect of referring to a person by their correct name, you make yourself look like an ignorant kook.