Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Update On Salvation Mountain

Back in May of 2012, there was an article in the Left Angeles Times about a man named Leonard Knight and his masterpiece called Salvation Mountain.
I wrote a post about it here.
It appears that now 80 years old, Mr Knight is no longer doing his labor of love according to this update in today's Left Angeles Times.
Now Salvation Mountain is beginning to show signs of slippage because the one man that kept it up and fresh, Mr. Knight, is no longer able to because of declining health. Mr. Knight is now in a convalescent home near San Diego, the victim of aging.
Yet according to the article, there are people willing to take the baton and keep up the mountain in some form.
It is a true testament to the message that Mr. Knight was saying all along.
God is love.
And the love is being shown by many that want to keep the unique art and important message alive.
In my post from 2010, I had hoped to see Salvation Mountain and meet Mr. Knight. Meeting Mr. Knight may not happen. But I believe that the mountain will survive long after Mr. Knight goes off to the Glory.
And at the end of the day, that message of love is what it is all about. And a new generation will show the same love and care that Mr. Knight showed for this amazing place, Salvation Mountain.

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