Friday, February 24, 2012

I Would Like To Apologize For Our Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama

Since the United States army made the act of burning Islamic holy books, the Koran, recently, our Dear Leader, President Obama, felt the need to apologize for the action.
The thanks for such an action is that so far four United States soldiers have been killed by Islamic fanatics in Afghanistan.
But that is another post.
Because the leader of this nation felt the need to apologize before all the facts were in, once again, I must offer my apology.
And so, here it is.
I, on behalf of the 46 percent of Americans that did not vote for the Democrat presidential candidate in 2008, do apologize to the American people. No, check that.
The world for the 53 percent of my fellow countrymen, and women, who did vote for the President of the United States, the Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama.
I feel the need to apologize because I am rather embarrassed for our Great Land.
That the highest elected representative claims to speak for me and yet, he rarely does.
The fact is that some of those 53 percenters are having doubt of what their vote has wrought on the Great Land is a good thing. Hopefully they will remember their angst come November.
But this apology is not complete without a list. A list of what the President of the United States, the Dear Leader, President Obama, hath wrought on our nation.
The list is very large so I will just hit the highlights.
I am sorry, on behalf of the 46 percent and our new friends and allies for the following actions of the Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama.
First, I am sorry that the president has ran up $4,000,000,000,000 in the national debt in this, his first and God willing only term as president. I am really sorry to those that I will never know that will have the burden of paying off this abomination.
And that is not counting the record deficit that this president has run since becoming president in 2009.
I am sorry that under the Dear Leader, President Obama, unemployment rose to staggering numbers. That it was as high as 9.3% and only now is beginning some signs of improvement at 8.5%. Yet it was our Dear Leader, President Obama, that promised if congress passed his $700,000,000,000 so-called "stimulus" bill that unemployment at this time would be below six percent.
I call that fuzzy math.
I am sorry that Obamacare has passed and that we are now finding out what is in it to quote that wretched former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. I am sorry that it will not do what we were told. But I will not say "I told you so."
I am sorry that our president still has a hate for us 46 percenters.
You do not think so?
Well, he still has a hard time dealing with us bitter clingers. You know those of us that cling to our guns (not that much for your humble blogger) and our Holy Bibles (yes, I do!). Every so often, a condescending comment is made as if we are just kidding.
To illustrate the point I reference this article about our Dear Leader, President Obama, doubting a woman's story about the difficulties of her husband attaining a new job.
Nothing like talking down to the people, I always say!
Those are some domestic highlights.
On foreign affairs, I just want to apologize for our Dear Leader, President Obama, actually doing the right thing in ordering the killing of Osama bin-Laden. I know that many are just grief-stricken by that. And I am sorry for all the other killings of terrorists that he has ordered be done. I am sorry that he was actually protecting our country above all else.
While I am being tongue-and-cheek above, I am really sorry that because of inept people, we may end of being on the wrong side of the so-called "Arab spring". I am sorry that we may have tossed aside one bad set of players for an even worse set of players in the Islamic Arab world.
I am sorry that we have left the Iraqi people high and dry and on their own.
I am sorry that we see, to be interested in, well apologizing an awful lot in our foreign dealings under this president.
The good news is that this apology can be a meaningful one soon.
The full effect of this apology should be us 46 percenters convincing some of those we know, and we all know someone, who voted for the Dear Leader, President Obama, last time to vote for the Republican candidate this time around. Hence, these are our new friends and allies.
Defeating the Dear Leader, President Obama, is the only way to have this heartfelt apology mean anything.

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