Sunday, February 26, 2012

How To Bring Down A Political Opponent-Use The Gay Card

Arizona is ground zero in the debate over illegal immigration and there is no one stronger against the federal government and the lack of enforcement than Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu.
Ahh, but a couple of things have happened to the good sheriff now that he announced his run for congress in Arizona's fourth congressional district.
First this expose in the leftywhore "alternative" Phoenix New Times in which they got a twofer.
First, that the unmarried Sheriff Babeu was having a sexual relationship with a man. And that said man was supposedly and illegal alien.
What better way to bring down some one the left does not like than to expose such a thing as one's sexual orientation?
And because he is a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, oh the hypocrisy if he knew that his lover was an illegal alien.
Oh, yeah, and Sheriff Babeu is not only a Republican but a darned conservative one at that!
So of course those with a hate on figured that they would derail his shot at his rising star in the Arizona Republican party. And we all know that Republicans HATE homosexuals.
Here is the thing.
In this article in the Left Angeles Times, even they have to admit that Sheriff Babeu's sexual orientation was not an issue when he ran for sheriff in the first place. He certainly was not one that was a firebrand opponent of homosexual rights. And really, when he ran for sheriff in Pinal county, I doubt that was a hot-button issue.
Maybe a sheriff in a suburban county between Phoenix and Tucson, but as a member of congress? Well, we better put a stop to this!
When the original allegations were published, the good sheriff did not run and hide. Yes, he resigned as a co-chair of the Mitt Romney for President campaign (which I do not believe he should have done but understand why). But the very Monday after the revelation, he denied the most serious of charges. All but one. The one that he was gay. He said he was.
So what?
Again, he was not married with children and trying to live in two worlds. Was it smart to hook-up online as the article in the Phoenix New Times alleges? I do not think that it was. But by all accounts it was before he was elected sheriff. Again, first rule is not to have something embarrassing come out, so to speak. Being gay is not what is embarrassing. But having a self-portrait of one's self without a shirt and using that for the online hook-up, hmm, that might be embarrassing.
If Sheriff Babeu was having a sexual relationship knowingly with an illegal alien, is that a disqualifier?
You becha!
In fact, that should be the only issue.
And the Left Angeles Times article indicates that as this goes on, it does not appear to be all that cut and dry. In fact the word "deportation" may have never been used.
What appears to have happened is simple.
Two lovers had a falling out and one is seeking revenge against the other.
Surprisingly, that happens a lot. Yeah, I know. You never hear about such things in the heterosexual world, do you?
I have more confidence in Sheriff Babeu than he does in himself.
If the charges are proven false, then those asserting them should be prosecuted. For again, he probably did nothing wrong than have a few marginally racy photos with other men and got into what turned out to be a bad relationship.
Knowing all this, would I vote for Sheriff Babeu for office?
Yeah, why not?
He is right on the issues, that is what counts. Maybe we would disagree on the same-sex stuff, but that is not a game-changer in terms of looking for my vote.
And that is what I believe a lot of, if not the majority of Republican voters would think.
I have nothing against a gay and or lesbian conservative. We are on the same side more than not. We need to gain more of them. Those that respect individual freedom of the tyranny of the group. And to me Paul Babeu represents that and we should support him rather than turn against him for unproven charges.
For the left, if they can not defeat a candidate on the issues, make the voters think about something else to defeat an opponent. Like being openly gay in the Republican party.

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