Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Should We Pay For College Gals Sluttiness?

OK, that headline grabs you, doesn't it? And since, unlike www.espn.com, I write my own headlines. So I won't be firing myself.
Why such a headline?
Today in an actual congressional hearing, one Sandra Fluke, who fancies herself a "reproductive rights advocate" and law student at Georgetown University, Miss Fluke essentially said that it is so damned expensive for gals in college to buy their own contraceptives that it is nessesary for the the government to compel insurance companies to provide them. Whether they want to or not.
OK, I want to go on record as writing I am certainly no prude. I really do not care what young people do in college per se. Well, I do hope that they are getting an actual education. But that is another post. But if one takes Miss Fluke at her word, then when do the young gals have the time to actually, you know, study?
According to Craig Bannister at CNS News, if one takes Miss Fluke's testimony at face value, I am going to suggest that our young people today really are not doing all that much in study hall. Or at least not what they are supposed to be doing.
According to Miss Fluke, the average cost of birth control for gals in college is a staggering $3,000 over the course of say three years in law school.
Mr. Bannister painstakingly breaks down what that cost means. And once it is broken down, it appears that gals are having unprotected sex about three times a day.
Three fricking times a day over the course of three fricking years!
So, one assumes that dudes are also doing it about the same. And a dude can pretty much stop by the local drug emporium and pick up some condoms and get busy. Heck, one can even buy condoms at a 99c Store. So I do suppose that there is a really large price difference between dudes and gals for protection.
But why should we, the people, have to pay for young people to frolic when they should be actually, oh I do not know, going to class? Trying to get a worthwhile degree? Actually thinking of others and not themselves?
Well, I guess that some gals are, I can not believe this if they are getting it three times a day, embaressed because there little pill or what ever is not covered under some insurances.
In the HotAir link above, Tina Korbe makes a good point. That maybe said gal should keep her panties on. And I will add the dude keep his junk in his pants too.
But I think the sense of entitlement Miss Fluke seems to have means that her university, Georgetown University, a Roman Catholic university, should ignore their religious teachings and just give the gals their rights to slut around. Read the following:

At the end of her testimony, Fluke spoke in strong language of her resentment of university administrators and others who suggest she should have chosen to attend a different university that would have offered student insurance that does cover contraception — even if that other university wasn’t quite as prestigious as Georgetown.

“We refuse to pick between a quality education and our health and we resent that, in the 21st Century, anyone thinks it’s acceptable to ask us to make that choice simply because we are women,” Fluke said.

Hey, Fluke (a rather appropriate name, doncha think?), no one forced you to attend the prestigious ROMAN CATHOLIC Georgetown U!
Yes, if you don't like what the school administrators believe, don't frickin attend the school.
Look, I do recognize that there is a huge difference in the way men can use birth control and women. And because of that, it is costlier for women to purchase said birth contol. But doing it all the time and having other people pay for it is not something debatable. Or so I thought.
This is what is fundamentally wrong about the government being so involved in medicine. That somehow, it is now an absolute right that women wanting birth control should have it such a right that other people have to pay for it.
I do not get it. Part of being a free society is the freedom to just say no. If I can't afford the birth control and I do not want to be so sexually active, then I need to be a respobsible person. Female or male.
What Miss Fluke wants us to do is pay for others to make bad choices. And to make about $3,000 worth of bad choices.
I say sorry college gals and dudes but we do not need to pay to make it easier to do the nasty. That is an empowering decision you should make and pay for it.

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