Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Of The Most Dreaded Days Of The Year-Academy Awards Sunday

That's right!
Academy Awards Sunday is one of the most dreaded days in the calendar year.
And regrettably, we are having the 84th annual Academy Awards show sometime this evening in Hollyweird, California.
It is so weird this year that it is not being held at The Kodak Theatre.
Because of Kodak's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, one of the things they got out of is slapping it's name on the auditorium in which the elite snobs of Hollyweird get to have their annual love-fest.
Now the former Kodak Theatre is known as the Hollywood and Highland Center.
I know what you must be thinking. Who really cares? I know that I don't. But since this event is but miles from the RVFTLC headquarters, I will at least give a little background.
If I must endure this crap, you must share it with me fair readers.
I believe that it has already started to see the snobbish elite gals walking down the Red Carpet and showing off their multi-thousand dollar outfits. And the guys, wanting to be oh so cool forgetting to shave a couple of days and wearing tuxes with no bow tie. So frickin cool. NOT!
What always amazes me is that an industry that has the nerve to constantly knock about us 46 percenters as being selfish and haters celebrates naval-gazing at such a pathetic level.
All it is for about 4,500 members of the Academy of Arts and Motion Pictures to vote on a bunch of categories on movies most people have never seen.
Oh, even the Left Angeles Times seemed to notice that this group is pretty old, pretty male and pretty White.
But hey, let them lecture us knuckledraggers on what is wrong with the United States.
No, I will be safely in The Bunker as this dreck goes on, and on, and on, and on.
I will be in The Bunker with Scout the Wonder Dog and Cashew the Little Guy. We will have our own little party. HA!
Oh, for all disclosure, Mrs. RVFTLC is having a gathering of gal pals and is watching this dreck from about 3pm local time on.
But, I, your humble blogger will be here on the computer rather than watch such garbage.
Thank God that this is only once a year.

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