Monday, July 26, 2010

What 2 States Lead In Job Creation? Hint-Neither Are Blue

I find these kind of stats to be interesting. You know, the kind that show where jobs are and where they are not.
According to this article, the two leading job-creating states are Alaska and North Dakota.
Now, one may ask, what is different about these states?
Maybe that they are not governed by Democrats. Nor are the state legislatures Democrat. Maybe because both states have low taxes and not a lot of excessive regulation. Maybe because both economies are driven by oil.
The answer is probably a little of all of the above.
What is not mentioned in the article and the accompanying comments is that these states are business friendly.
That is why businesses are moving to both states. That is why both states are recruiting workers from other states to fill jobs.
In the article, G. Scott Thomas, a demographer, said that in both states cases, they did not fall victim to the housing bubble and that the kind of jobs added helped overcome a bad economy.
Oh, and who led the United States in job losses? Wait, wait for it. . .no, NOT California but its neighbor to the east, Nevada. But California, Florida and Nevada combined to lead the United States in job losses since 2005. Combined the three states lost 1,629,000 jobs. And by a coinikidink, California leads the nation in high taxation and regulation. While Florida and Nevada are not nearly as bad, they too have a climate not favorable to diverse economic growth.
Alaska and North Dakota should be looked at by the rest of the United States. And the federal government. But alas, because they are doing something right, they will not be looked at. No, only states in the dumper get a look at and the analysis is usually wrong.

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Loralee and the gang... said...

According to the current administration, any state doing well because of big bad environmental naughty OIL doesnt deserve the respect it should. Those states just don't count. And besides, haven't you noticed? Obama doesn't WANT this country to recover and it's citizens to succeed. Doesn't play into his plan, what ever that may be. I haven't been able to figure it all out because NONE of it makes any sense...